Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whitehern's Garden Concerts in the summer

The Harp player performing before an audience in Whitehern Gardens - summer 2008

Some of the staff at Whitehern. Note the snacks one can purchase at a very reasonable price on the Wednesday concert days. The concert runs from 12 - 2.

A small segment of the audience on the Wednesday concerts in the gardens at Whitehern. This free concert attracts young and old alike.

This ends the segment on Whitehern for summer/fall of 2008. Hope you have enjoyed it.

For more information on Whitehern on their webpage, please go to:

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annaken said...

The staff at Whitehern made e-mail comments to me. They like this article and they liked their picture.

I was pleased as they are nice people, friendly and knowledgeable. Liz is even a fellow poet whose work has appeared in "H Magazine".