Friday, November 14, 2008

Hamilton Farmer's Market

It was a pleasure to interview the merchants mentioned in this blog. Perhaps another time, I will interview more people, if time permits.

The Market hours are:

Tuesday & Thursday - 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday and Saturday - 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Address: 55 York Blvd. (next to the public library). One hour free parking at the York Blvd. Parkade.

It is good to support our local farmers as they bring us farm fresh eggs, vegetables and meats.

The British Bakery Sign

Jon V. at the British baking stall he runs. His photography is breathtaking. See examples behind him. He enjoys taking the natural beauty of Hamilton and displaying them at the stand.

Baked good is what you will find here, from bread to scones, all in the British tradition.

It is always a delight to stop at his shop and have a chat and buy from this very friendly and outgoing vendor.

A small display of articles for sale at Julia's stand. Come in and browse, sit on the chairs and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a chat. Stay awhile and meet people from all around the world who now call Hamilton home.

Small boxes done by a famous Columbian painter - Fernando Botero. His work is famous and his subjects are always heavy set people.

Julia, at her coffee shop in the Farmer's Market, ready to serve up a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate! Observe the flag of Columbia at the back of the store. Her daughter also sells hand crafted jewellery. Just ask Julia to show it to you - great for gifts!

Julia's Colombian stand
Julia, the owner of this stand, sells free trade coffee and teas. Having had the pleasure of buying coffee there, I can personally vouch for the good taste of her coffee, which comes from Columbia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Among the organic teas she sells, are Raibos, Jasmine, black Tea, Earl Gray, Orange Pekoe and Green Tea. She also can make a tasty cup of real cocoa hot chocolate from Columbia, which can soothe the tired shopper.

One of the many flower stalls in the market. They sell everything from plants, to wreaths such as these, to bouquets of beautiful flowers.

A view of the Corn Stalk which was the subject of a guessing game at Ercilia's Fine Foods. Maria also has done cooking shows at the market, one of which I was fortunate enough to attend.

Maria, of Ercilia's Fine Foods.

This lovely lady is like a bright light in the market, always smiling, always greeting people who flock to her stand like bees to a flower. She specializes in Portuguese products and gluten free breads, cakes, muffins, flours and snacks. Her baking cannot be beaten! Her cheery presence makes the Hamilton Farmer's Market a place to go!

Ray's Health Food

This gentleman has always been a very pleasant person to deal with. He sells Middle Eastern foods. and baked goods. Looking for something sweet and tasty, look no further!He has Baklava and other traditional Middle Eastern pastries. He even sells fresh yeast to make one's own bread! A most pleasant experience dealing with him all these years.

Another view taken from the mall entrance.

Hamilton Farmer's market has a variety of goods to sell from farm fresh fruits and vegetables, to home baked goodies, to exotic foods from other countries.
A view from the top level, which is the same level as Jackson Square Mall. It has a ramp down to the bottom floor which makes it totally accessible. One finds many people in scooters, wheelchairs and using walkers in this market. Many of the vendors are very obliging and help those who cannot reach for things due to health issues. It is good to see that!
This market is a fun place to go to. It has two floors and caters to every taste.


canada2008 said...

Dear Wilma, I really liked that you did with the Farmet Market..I am sure you will bring more clients to these nice business people..their places look very attractive..

annaken said...

Thank you, Canada 2008. The vendors I have featured in this blog have always been friendly and helpful to me and very pleasant to deal with. I have always been treated with courtesy and honesty. In fact, I have developed a very nice relationship and look forward to seeing them each week when I shop there.