Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fresh start - back to Princess Point Day

This stately old tree has its roots deeply set into the fertile ground. The two branches reaching upwards to the Heavens remind me of man and his quest for material things; status and position in life.Always reaching for the next thing, never totally content. We could take a lesson from this tree and just "be", striving with our might to do our share to make our planet a better place, but remembering that our true source of strength is not in ourselves, but in God.

In the summer, its branches provide shade for weary people, a haven for squirrels to climb up into, and a stage for birds to sing their little hearts out. How very useful is the tree. How majestic as well!

The tree in the upper left hand corner is yet another example of some of the wonderful old trees at Princess Point. It's branches are stripped bare by the winds and yet, it has a kind of beauty in its starkness that any artist would love to paint. Observe how its branches dip down into the still water, as if to drink from it.

Swans, and ducks have been know to drift under these lovely branches, secure in their safety.

On this note, shall close for now. Hope you have enjoyed this little journey into Princess Point on Hamilton, Ontario gorgeous waterfront!



Jefferson said...

It's great to see your child-like delight at the places and things I've known so long I almost take them for granted. Like seeing the world through new eyes!

annaken said...

Thank you, Jefferson, for your kind compliment. I find delight in the beauty and goodness surrounding me, whether it is in nature, people or animals.

I realize that this world is in a mess right now, but people's minds need to be uplifted to the wonders of this universe and I try, in my small way, to make a difference and bring a measure of peace, joy and happiness through this blog.