Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A cold November day - one of my poems

A Grey November Day

I’m feeling some dismay
it’s a grey November day

Howling winds assail my ears
almost bringing me to tears

Flags are flapping to and fro
it makes me shiver just to know

Freezing rain is on the way
Oh what pain I feel

The park looks so barren
no flowers, not even Rose of Sharon

Tree branches are bare
only a very few escape the windy air

Squirrels scurry around looking for food
to put away for a long interlude

Humans walk faster through the park
even though it’s not yet dark

Standing at my window looking out
it almost makes me pout!

It’s a cold November day
So glad I’m not out today.



Martha Jette, Editor/Author/WebMaster said...

Hi Wilma:

My sentiments about November for sure! Well done.

Take care,

annaken said...

Hi Martha,

Thank you for your kind comment on my poem. Liz, from Whitehern also liked it but she sent me a regular e-mail to let me know that.

Fall is my favourite time of year, not to hot, not too cold!

Thanks again for reading my blog!

annaken said...

This poem has also been commented on privately through the e-mail system.

I wish it would be easier for people who do not have Google to use the comment section.