Sunday, July 31, 2011

Syrian pre-Ramadan raids 'abhorrent': Canada - World - CBC News

Syrian pre-Ramadan raids 'abhorrent': Canada - World - CBC News

Sunday's birthday celebration at the Black Forest Inn

I did not go downstairs for the coffee hour as Rosie was going to pick me up outside my place to take me to the Black Forest Inn.

After the service ended, Carmen came over and showed me the invitation and poster she is making for the Mexican night on September 24th.  She is so creative.

She handed me a little parcel from her trip to Mexico and it was a Mexican fan which  I just love.

Here is a picture of it.

Straight from Mexico - very beautiful

Boots on the way to his little bed

The church was just too hot for me and by the time the service was over, I was feeling lightheaded so I was glad to get outside.  There was a nice wind outside and this made me feel better. I sat on the bench across from my building and Rosie picked me up and we drove to The Black Forest on King Street East.

We both ordered Rindrouladen which is one of my favourites.  I have enough left for two meals.   For desert, we ordered two different kinds of cake and we tried both of them.

As I was the birthday gal, my cake and the candle that came with it was free which is something we did not know!  What a lovely surprise.
The birthday gal - lemon  yogurt cake

After dinner we drove down to Bayfront Park and spent about 45 minutes there just people and boat watching.  Here are some shots of Bayfront Park.

Hard to believe that one is in the fourth largest city in Canada

Add caption

Boat ramp - lots of people taking their boats out today

We were both tired so we cut our little visit to Bayfront Park short and Rosie dropped me off in front of my building.

A wonderful day, spent with good friends.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

An interesting day yesterday

It seems that my days speed by as if they had wings on them. 

 I am very happy to say that my surgeon gave me good news and now I don't need to see him for two more years.   I had not seen the new look to the old Henderson Hospital.  Looks extremely modern now and the staff are so friendly.

I was most fortunate to arrive home when I did, as the Cat Global man was in the building and trying to contact me.  I was able to show him the bad patch in the kitchen and he measured it and will return to fix it in due course.  He is from Columbia and so we spoke in Spanish together. 

My next event was to meet Sarah at our usual spot at Jackson's Square. We had a lovely visit and talked about many different topics.  I had a dinner invitation at 6:30 so I walked her to her bus stop and saw her safely onto her bus and then went home to get ready.

I was on time for my dinner engagement and the evening went very well.  Saba, Rahel's sister, had prepared the first course which consisted of homemade soup, new potatoes, rice, grilled chicken marinated, green and yellow string beans and salad.  She is a terrific cook.

Saba, Andrew, Rahel

My hostess, Rahel, prepared two beautiful cakes, and I have taken a picture of us at the table as well as the cake. 

All in all, it was a very interesting day.  I am so blessed to have such good friends in my life.

Quebec spa detox treatment leaves woman dead - Montreal - CBC News

Quebec spa detox treatment leaves woman dead - Montreal - CBC News

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whitehern Wednesday

We had a lovely time at our new table which is reserved for us in the shade. Everybody was absolutely delighted. I shall send a thank you note to the staff at Whitehern.

The girls and Jeff had a birthday card and plant ready for me at the table. How very kind of them to remember my birthday.

I am so spoiled by such good friends.

We are planning to go together on a little boat trip in the Hamilton Harbour which includes a light lunch which will be most enjoyable. That is planned for the middle of August.

I love being on the water so that is my big treat for the summer.

It was so much better sitting in the shade and we all loved it. After that I went to my computer store and bought a new keyboard and then had a short, short haircut at the haircutting school. Busy day today but nice.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jack Layton to take leave after new cancer found - Politics - CBC News

This is very sad news to hear.  Both Jack and Olivia are fighters and having been in their company several times, I have every hope that they will fight this new challenge together and come out victorious.

I remember one time when both of them came to a function I was at (by invitation only) and they had been fasting for several days so they would understand how people on low income would feel with the lack of proper nutrition.

I respected them for that, not just "talking the talk but walking the walk" as the old saying goes.  If I am recalling rightly, I remember Olivia saying that they knew they would get plenty of food at the end of their prescribed fast, but people on low income who needed to use the food banks to survive had to take what they could get.

I like the N.D.P. party as they tend to try and help the poor and marginalized. 

May God grant returned health to Jack, courage to him and his family,skill and compassion to the doctors treating him and all those who suffer from ill health.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday's break in the weather

It has been beastly hot here in Ontario and I for one, will be very happy to see the Fall come! 

Today started out very nicely, with a cool wind and the temperature at 72 degrees F, but now it is beginning to rise which does not please me too much!

It was good to be able to air the apartment out with the wind coming in to search out any odd smell which might be lingering here. 

Buildings are still very warm that do not have airconditioning so I did not go down for coffee hour today at the church.

I wanted to enjoy the fresh breeze and cooler weather.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

My exciting new venture

I really believe in writers helping writers and this is why I have started the writing and publishing  blog. I am gradually inviting writers I know to contribute their work to the new site. 

I already have one lady very interested in contributing some of her work on this site.  It should be very interesting.

My vision for this new site is to give voice to unknown as well as known writers.  I welcome rhyming poetry (even if it is out of fashion now), narrative poetry and other forms of poetry. Short stories should be no more than 2,500 words.

I particularly welcome religious poetry and poetry that deals with human rights, human issues and all aspects of human nature. As an animal lover, I would be delighted to welcome poetry about animals.

I DO NOT WELCOME profanity, vulgarity or anything offensive towards other human beings.

I hope it will bring pleasure to the reader as well as the writer and that there will be articles on things which will benefit human kind and fight ignorance.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a great day!

The new website address is:

Writing and Publishing blog: My new venture in the blog world

Writing and Publishing blog: My new venture in the blog world: "Thank you for dropping in to read this blog. The blog address is: ..."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Male mentors fill the hole in children’s lives -

Male mentors fill the hole in children’s lives -

I found this an interesting article.  There are so many good men out there who would never dream of hurting a child in any way but the ones who do, give men a bad name.

It is really not fair to men in general. 

Boys really need role models especially when they are brought up by their mothers for whatever reason.

Some "fathers" don't deserve the honour of being called "father" but what a priviledge it would be for a good man to step into the role of being a mentor to a young boy.  Big Brothers, Big Sisters are agencies here in Canada who offer this service.

To be a father is to be present in the life of the child, not just provide the means of getting food and shelter. Going to a baseball game, going for a hike, going fishing, or just hanging out together is so important to a child and teaches them that they are loved.

So many boys lack this nowadays and it is a role that is so valuable and worthwhile for a volunteer  to fill.

Have you thought of what a good influence you could be on a young person's life?

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Girl, 16, missing since Thursday

Girl, 16, missing since Thursday

It is my hope that posting this on the blog, might trigger somebody's memory and this child will be found.

Many years ago, I was very involved with the mother of a kidnapped child.  The police were wonderful and when the child was finally found in Hawaii, an agency paid for the Mom to go and bring the child back.

This Mom lived in a small Ontario town but we had met when we both lived in Toronto.  I remember handing out posters to truck drivers and putting them where people would see them.

It was a terrible time for the young Mom.  She lost so much weight that I feared for her health.

When the child came back, he had been told by the kidnapper that his Mom had died.  He was so afraid of being taken again that she had to put bells on his window and bedroom door to make him feel even a little secure.

He was a very small boy at that time, I no longer remember how old he was.  Thankfully, he is all grown up now and safe in Canada.

Thanks for dropping by.

Photographers killed getting the story in Libya

Photographers killed getting the story in Libya

I wonder how many people think of the dangers that reporters face particularly when they are in foreign countries trying to get the news out?

Sometimes they themselves become targets just because they are trying to get the facts of the situation and let the rest of the world know about what is going on.

Without reporters, photographers and now the very many new ways of communication, we may never have known what is going on in distant parts of the world.

A little light, shown in dark corners, gives hope to the many people who are prisioners of conscience, languishing in prision cells, oftentimes being tortured.

The more light shown in the dark, will cause oppressors to rethink their role and hopefully will effect some change for the better.

For all the journalist in this world who go after the truth - my hat is off to them.

Israel violates rights of Palestinian minors: Study

Israel violates rights of Palestinian minors: Study

Sunday, July 17, 2011

TheStar I’m 74 and I backpacked across Africa — alone

TheStar I’m 74 and I backpacked across Africa — alone

Theory doesn't hold water -- British journal exposes myth of 'eight glasses a day'

Theory doesn't hold water -- British journal exposes myth of 'eight glasses a day'

I found this in the Montreal Gazette. Isn't it odd how "experts" change their minds over the years. Perhaps it is because of new information?

I do enjoy a nice glass of water when I am thirsty and it is the best (in my opinion) for quenching thirst. I also find that drinking a glass of water when one first gets up is very helpful as one feels quite dry after sleeping.

That advice was given to me by my Jordanian son who is trained in the holistic medical field, if I am remembering rightly.

Have you had your refreshing drink of water yet today?

Thanks for dropping by and have a productive day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chile Music and Images

I stumbled across this  beautiful video.   The music from Chile reminds me very much of the music from Ecuador which I love.

Such is the wonder of the internet that one can listen to the music of the world and get a glimpse of the music of another culture.  What a real blessing.

Have a good day and enjoy the scenery and the music of this video.

Thanks for dropping by.

An interesting age we live in

Friday, the day I used to look forward to so much while I was still working!  Now, not so  much, as all days are the same now that I am retired.

I had a lovely chat with my son on Google video this morning.  We tried the idea of a lamp to brighten up the area near his computer and it was much better.  I will call him on his Skype number for his Skype phone  and leave a message just to make sure that it is not long distance for me.  If it is, I will stick to using Skype and Google for free videocam talks. 

It is very nice to have two options to call long distance through the computer now.

He told me something interesting.  In the grocery store near him, there were three security guards!  He also said that the day he arrived, there was a huge demonstration of students protesting tuition fees.  The police broke it up with water cannons and tear gas.  He was nearby so got some of the tear gas but he was okay.

He also said that in every store that he has been in there have been security guards on duty.

What an interesting age we live in. A country so far away, with a different culture and language is as close as your own computer and news from there can travel so far and so fast.

Hopefully, in all countries of this world, where human rights is not a right, the light can shine in those dark corners and people's lives can change for the better.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dad who killed daughter's boyfriend to serve 18 months - Saskatchewan - CBC News

Dad who killed daughter's boyfriend to serve 18 months - Saskatchewan - CBC News

Mumbai bombings kill 21 - World - CBC News

Mumbai bombings kill 21 - World - CBC News

Wednesday, July 13,2011

Today is a little bit of a "weepy" day for me as my son has gone to live far away for a long period of time.

I went to the Whitehern Concert at noon, but the person playing played some really sad songs, and the heat was so bad there, that I left.

I may go with another group of people down to the waterfront for a special event - we'll see how I feel in a short while.

Once he gets there safely and I get an e-mail, I will feel better.

Such is life.  I have been very fortunate that we have such a good and close relationship.  He will celebrate his birthday on my birthday and this will be the first time in his entire life that he will not be in Canada for this event.

I will email him at 6 p.m. while he is on the plane. I think it will be possible to do that.  It will be an interesting experiment to see if it works.

Have a good day and keep smiling.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hobbema shooting a stark reminder, chief says - Edmonton - CBC News

Hobbema shooting a stark reminder, chief says - Edmonton - CBC News

This is a stark reminder of life on a reserve for native people.  I went to High School with native kids and had friends among them.

My own nephew is a native and I helped him years ago to get in touch with his native family.  His original family had been addicted to alcohol and he was adopted into our family when he was five years old.

He always felt different though, as he looks native, and people do stare.  I have seen it myself when he and I walked down Toronto streets together.

When native kids come to big cities, they oftentimes get mixed up with the wrong people and take wrong paths. 

I find this whole story a real tragedy.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Health agency website in French only

Health agency website in French only

I had written a lengthy discourse on this subject and had saved it but alas, it has disappeared and isn't even in the draft folder.

For those readers from other countries, it may be of interest to you to know that Canada has two official languages, French and English.

Northern Ontario, New Brunswick, and parts of Manitoba have French speaking communities but the main bulk of the people who speak French as their first language is in the province of  Quebec.

It is a very beautiful province and the people, in general, are fun loving and interesting people.

There are many interesting places to visit in Quebec as well.  For rugged beauty, visit the Laurentian Mountains.  Ste. Agathe, Morin Heights, Ste. Adele to name a few would be good spots to visit. It is a different world in the Laurentian Mountains.

This article shows some of the difficulties for people who do not speak French who live in Quebec.  All the services are now in French from what my cousin tells me who lives there still.

I suspect it would have been better for them to have waited to post the website in both official languages instead of stirring up problems as this has.


'X-ray specs' take the guesswork out of reading emotions

'X-ray specs' take the guesswork out of reading emotions

This is a very interesting article, at least to me!  What will come next?

When things are used with good intentions, then they are for the benefit of mankind, but when things are used by those with evil intentions, then it is a grave danger.

I think that I would prefer not to use these googles and just guess how others are feeling.  You usually can tell by their body language, a droop in their lips, or sad eyes.

It is a very interesting concept though!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doug Feaver playing at Whitehern

On this very warm summer day, we had the pleasure of listening and being entertained by Doug Feaver.

We were not our usual group, abit smaller than normal.

It was very enjoyable.

Doug Feaver in the background

Rosel (Rose) and Kevin

It was good to get home though as the heat was beginning to affect me even with a hat and an umberella!

Thanks for dropping by.

BBQ anybody?

I was invited to a friend's house for a BBQ yesterday evening.  It was very pleasant and the chef  cooked and prepared BBQ for  us. I do love getting spoiled once in a while!  While the chef was BBQing, we had an unexpected visitor - a racoon. 

I was amazed that Ava did not bark her litle head off when she saw this raccoon.

Ava - as cute as a button

This is an even cuter shot

It was a delight to sit under the shade of the old trees on the property and just chat.  It also was a real delight to see my son doing the BBQ.  He is very comfortable doing that.  I never was myself.

Oh, oh, what have I done?  The chef looks very stern here

Chef Ken at work, aided by his assistant, Ave.
All too soon, our nice BBQ ended as it was getting late.  Our friend Jody took some pictures of Ken and I as he will be gone for about a year. 

Ken and Wilma

Mother and son
It certainly is very comforting to have these pictures as I will miss having Ken around.  The really good thing is that we can call on Skype  and keep in touch that way.

Ken adjusted my camera somehow so that it was shake resistant  I hope I don't do anything to mess that up as my hand does shake when taking pictures.

All in all, a wonderful evening spent with people I care for.

Photographers killed getting the story in Libya

Photographers killed getting the story in Libya

I wonder how many people actually think of the dangers of journalism as they watch the evening news or read of events in the newspaper?

They ferret out information which those in power would much prefer the world did not know.  Putting a spotlight on somebodies dirty actions, certainly put them in danger.

So many journalists have lost their lives covering danger spots in this sad world we live in.

These two brave young men died trying to tell the world what they saw. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A three way conversation on Skype today

What a very positive experience it turned out to be!  My cousin Marion in Montreal called me, then she noticed my sister-in-law Pam in China was on line, so she somehow got the three of us all hooked up and we spoke for about an hour. 

It was so marvelous!  The quality was very good.  When just Marion and I were speaking, we could see each other in person, but once the third party came on, we could just hear each other.

I just adore Skype!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Woman in bear attack likely alive during mauling - British Columbia - CBC News

Woman in bear attack likely alive during mauling - British Columbia - CBC News

For my readers from other countries as well as  Canada and United States, I did some research on bears which I have posted below. 

The following is the Provincial Government information sheet on Bear safety:

A FED BEAR IS A DEAD BEAR (This means they become troublesome and have to be shot)

There are some simple precautions you must take to prevent the food conditioning of bears and avoid dangerous bear encounters.

Never feed or approach bears or other wildlife.

Reduce or eliminate odours that attract bears

Avoid strong smelling foods and perfumed toiletries.

Food Storage

At the campground, store food in air-tight containers in your RV or car trunk.

Pack out all your garbage. Store it with your food out of reach of bears. Do not bury garbage or throw into pit toilets. Only paper and wood may be burned: plastics, tinfoil, and food items do not burn completely, and the remains will attract bears (besides creating an unsightly mess).

Avoid fish smells -- they are a strong attractant for bears. Don’t clean fish in your campsite. Throw entrails into deep or fast-flowing water, and double-bag fishy-smelling garbage.

Cook and eat well away from your tent.

Clean up immediately and thoroughly. Never leave cooking utensils, coolers, grease or dish water lying around. Dispose of dish water by straining it then throwing it into a gray water pit or pit toilet. Solids should be packed out with the garbage.

The odours of cosmetics, toothpaste and insect repellent can attract bears. These should be stored out of reach with your food and garbage, never in your tent. Leave strongly perfumed items at home.

Always keep children nearby and in sight.

Always sleep in a tent -- not under the stars.

Hike trails as a group.

Solo hiking is not advised -- you reduce the risk of an attack by traveling together as a group. Do not let children wander.

Leave pets at home.

Free-running pets can anger a bear and provoke an attack.

Reduce the chance of surprising a bear.

Always check ahead for bears in the distance. If one is spotted, make a wide detour and leave the area immediately.

Do not approach bears on shore for a better view while paddling a canoe or boat.

When traveling against the wind or near loud moving water, use extreme caution. Make loud warning sounds.

Watch for bear sign: tracks, droppings, overturned rocks, rotten trees torn apart, clawed, bitten or rubbed trees, bear trails, fresh diggings or trampled vegetation.

Stay clear of dead wildlife.

Take note of signs that may indicate carrion -- such as circling crows or ravens, or the smell of rotting meat.

Carcasses attract bears. Leave the area immediately!

If in a Provincial Park, report location of carcasses to park Staff

Camp in designated areas.

In general:

Never approach or feed bears

If you have an encounter with a bear in public areas, please leave the area immediately and report it to authorities as soon as possible.

Stay on designated trails and comply with posted warnings.

Bear pepper sprays have been effective in deterring some bear attacks. However, do not use them as a substitute for safe practices in bear country. Know how to use them. Avoidance is still your best bet.

Other wildlife may pose a threat. Moose can become very agitated and aggressive when approached too closely, particularly cows with calves. Please use binoculars and telephoto lenses for wildlife viewing.


Bears are as fast as a racehorse, on the flats, uphill or downhill

Bears are strong swimmers.

Bears have good eyesight, good hearing, and an acute sense of smell.

All black bears and young grizzlies are agile tree climbers; mature grizzlies are poor climbers, but they have a reach up to 4 metres.

If a bear is standing up it is usually trying to identify you. Talk softly so it knows what you are. Move away, keeping it in view. Do not make direct eye contact.


Identifying bears is important if you are ever approached by one.

Black Bear (Ursus americanus Pallas)
Colour: Varies. Black, brown, cinnamon or blond, often with a white patch on the chest or at the throat.
Height: Approximately 90 cm at the shoulder.
Weight: 57 kg to >270 kg. Females are usually smaller than males.
Characteristics: straight face profile short, curved claws barely noticeable shoulder hump

Habitat: Prefers forested areas with low-growing plants and berry-producing shrubs (e.g. small forest openings, stream or lake edges, open forest).

Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis Ord)

Colour: Varies. Black (rare), brown or blond. Fur often white-tipped or "grizzled". Light-coloured patches may occur around neck, shoulders and on rear flanks.

Height: Slightly above 1 metre at shoulder; 1.8 to 2 m erect.

Weight: 200 kg to >450 kg. Females are usually smaller than males.

Characteristics: dished or concave face long, curved claws prominent shoulder hump

Habitat: Semi-open spaces preferred. High country in late summer and early fall; valley bottoms late fall and spring.


If spotted in the distance, do not approach the bear. Make a wide detour or leave the area immediately. If in an Provincial Park, report sighting to Park Staff at the first opportunity.

If you are at close range, do not approach the bear. Remain calm, keep it in view. Avoid direct eye contact. Move away without running.

If the Bear Approaches

If the bear is standing up, it is usually trying to identify you. Talk softly so it knows what you are. If it is snapping its jaws, lowering its head, flattening its ears, growling or making 'woofing' signs, it is displaying aggression.

Do not run unless you are very close to a secure place. Move away, keeping it in view. Avoid direct eye contact. Dropping your pack or an object may distract it to give you more time. If it is a grizzly, consider climbing a tree.

If the Bear Attacks

Your response depends on the species and whether the bear is being defensive or offensive. Bears sometimes bluff their way out of a confrontation by charging then turning away at the last moment. Generally, the response is to do nothing to threaten or further arouse the bear. While fighting back usually increases the intensity of an attack, it may cause the bear to leave. Each incident is unique and the following are offered as guidelines only to deal with an unpredictable animal and complex situation:

Grizzly Attacks From Surprise (defensive)

Do nothing to threaten or further arouse the bear.

Play dead. Assume the 'cannonball position' with hands clasped behind neck and face buried in knees.

Do not move until the bear leaves the area. Such attacks seldom last beyond a few minutes.

Black Bear Attacks From Surprise (defensive)

Playing dead is not appropriate. Try to retreat from the attack.

Grizzly or Black Bear Attacks Offensively (including stalking you or when you are sleeping)

Do not play dead. Try to escape to a secure place (car or building) or climb a tree unless it is a black bear. If you have no other option, try to intimidate the bear with deterrents or weapons such as tree branches or rocks.

Grizzly or Black Bear Attacking For Your Food

Abandon the food. Leave the area.

Do not deal with a problem bear unless it is an emergency

This information is very valuable for people who travel in bear country.  I personally have never seen a bear nor a cougar nor a rattlesnake in all my years of living in Canada.  The only wild animal I have ever seen running in an isolated area was a red fox and he was gone before I could get a good look at him.

Thus, on the main, Canada is a very safe country to live or travel in.

Thanks for reading my blog.  I hope you found it interesting and useful for general knowledge.

TheStar Family-run radio shop tunes out after 78 years

TheStar Family-run radio shop tunes out after 78 years

It is so sad to see family businesses going out of business after so many years.  I personally prefer dealing with owners rather than employees as the owners have more interest generally in maintaining good relationships with their customers.

That, of course, is a very general statement.

This family business had a good inning and I hope that they will enjoy their retirement.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

LIVE: William and Kate tour Quebec City - Canada - CBC News

LIVE: William and Kate tour Quebec City - Canada - CBC News

It really is not good when guests in our country are shown hostility.  I personally am not in favour of the monarchy but I certainly respect their right of respect and hospitality.

This was not unexpected though and this is mostly likely why they only stayed such a brief time in La Belle Province.

They seem a very nice young couple and I wish them well.
Read more:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rose Gardens at Royal Botanical Gardens with Rosel (Rose in English)

It was a very hot and humid day today which I find difficult to handle.  However, we had made plans to go to see the roses at the RBG so we went.  We saw two wedding parties, one of which I took snapshots of.

The wedding party - bride had not yet arrived

Another shot - it is a lovely spot to have a wedding

The bride had arrived by this time and the priest was there and the ceremony had begun.
They all looked so nice with their best togs on.  I do love to see men in suits!

The bride wore a cream colour gown.  Unfortunately, the ushers held an umberella in front of her so that shots could not be taken.  At least, I assume that was the reason.

We sat and listened to the wedding ceremony for a little while and then walked on to see some more flowers.

The tulip tree

The fountain on the grounds

I really liked these delicate flowers
We took rests along the way due to the heat.  There were lots of people at the RBG which is good.  My friend has a yearly pass and she can bring a guest, otherwise for seniors it is an entrance fee of $10.00.


I took lots of pictures but will only show a few on this blog.  The other wedding party was just there to take pictures we thought. It looked like the people were from Guyana.  Everybody looked so lovely in their long gowns.  Three little children all dressed in white were part of the bridal party.  They were adoreable!

The Lily Family

Another type of Lily

We were going to go to Esterbrooks for their famous ice cream since we were in Burlington but Rosel had some things to buy at the store so we ran out of time.

All in all a nice afternoon, with the flowers and the two weddings.

Quebecers warm to royal visit, cool to monarchy - Canada - CBC News

Quebecers warm to royal visit, cool to monarchy - Canada - CBC News

I found this article very interesting.  Quebec is my "home province" and I still follow what is going on there.

Have a good day.

5 Rules of Facebook Etiquette - Life & Beauty Weekly

5 Rules of Facebook Etiquette - Life & Beauty Weekly

I have been on Facebook for a few years now and on the main I like it.  However, I notice that a lot of young people say things on it that may come back to haunt them years later.

I like Facebook because it enables me to keep up with my Montreal friends and family.

I particularly enjoy the pictures they post. 

Although we are seperated by many miles now, they still have an important place in my heart.

At first when my son put it on for me, I couldn't see much use for it but now I am enjoying it.

It adds another dimension to communication for me.

Thanks for reading my blog and drop by another time if you can.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day 2011

What wonderful weather we had today!  Not too hot and not too cold - just perfect.

The young newly weds, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Ottawa for the Canada Day Festivals.  I think they did very well.

They looked quite relaxed and the crowds certainly loved them.  I particularly enjoyed the Citizenship Ceremony which took place.  Twenty five people took citizenship in front of an array of dignitaries.

Now onto other matters.  I was thinking of going to It's your Festival at Gage Park but I changed my mind.  I don't really like crowds and there is very little shade where they hold the Festival so my friend Rosel and I went down to Bayfront Park with a picnic lunch.

A lovely little spot as seen from our picnic bench

A sheltered nook at Bayfront Park
We both had brought our chairs so we sat and chatted for a while as well as "people watched."

While we were doing that, we saw a bridal party.  I think that they had come down to have some pictures taken.

The Bridal party from a distance.

The ice ceam truck - we treated ourselves to a soft ice cream - delicious!
The little trolley which runs all through the waterfront - a 45 minute run for $5.00
I love to go on this trolley and each year I make it a point to take it even though I have seen all the spots.  It is just so enjoyable to me.

I also like to go on the Hamiltonian boat (the smaller one) as I enjoy being on the water.  I will have to find out the price of it this year.  My friend Asma and I have been trying to go for several years but each time she has come, it is not running as the water is too choppy.  Perhaps this year we will be lucky.

After our picnic, we got in her car and went over to Pier 8 and walked around for abit.  It was also nice.

Pier 8 - notice the cute little sailboat

We stayed there and walked around for awhile, then we went over to Burlington to see some of the lovely houses.  That was enjoyable as well.

All in all, a very way to spend Canada Day.