Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jack Layton to take leave after new cancer found - Politics - CBC News

This is very sad news to hear.  Both Jack and Olivia are fighters and having been in their company several times, I have every hope that they will fight this new challenge together and come out victorious.

I remember one time when both of them came to a function I was at (by invitation only) and they had been fasting for several days so they would understand how people on low income would feel with the lack of proper nutrition.

I respected them for that, not just "talking the talk but walking the walk" as the old saying goes.  If I am recalling rightly, I remember Olivia saying that they knew they would get plenty of food at the end of their prescribed fast, but people on low income who needed to use the food banks to survive had to take what they could get.

I like the N.D.P. party as they tend to try and help the poor and marginalized. 

May God grant returned health to Jack, courage to him and his family,skill and compassion to the doctors treating him and all those who suffer from ill health.

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