Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BBQ anybody?

I was invited to a friend's house for a BBQ yesterday evening.  It was very pleasant and the chef  cooked and prepared BBQ for  us. I do love getting spoiled once in a while!  While the chef was BBQing, we had an unexpected visitor - a racoon. 

I was amazed that Ava did not bark her litle head off when she saw this raccoon.

Ava - as cute as a button

This is an even cuter shot

It was a delight to sit under the shade of the old trees on the property and just chat.  It also was a real delight to see my son doing the BBQ.  He is very comfortable doing that.  I never was myself.

Oh, oh, what have I done?  The chef looks very stern here

Chef Ken at work, aided by his assistant, Ave.
All too soon, our nice BBQ ended as it was getting late.  Our friend Jody took some pictures of Ken and I as he will be gone for about a year. 

Ken and Wilma

Mother and son
It certainly is very comforting to have these pictures as I will miss having Ken around.  The really good thing is that we can call on Skype  and keep in touch that way.

Ken adjusted my camera somehow so that it was shake resistant  I hope I don't do anything to mess that up as my hand does shake when taking pictures.

All in all, a wonderful evening spent with people I care for.

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