Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rose Gardens at Royal Botanical Gardens with Rosel (Rose in English)

It was a very hot and humid day today which I find difficult to handle.  However, we had made plans to go to see the roses at the RBG so we went.  We saw two wedding parties, one of which I took snapshots of.

The wedding party - bride had not yet arrived

Another shot - it is a lovely spot to have a wedding

The bride had arrived by this time and the priest was there and the ceremony had begun.
They all looked so nice with their best togs on.  I do love to see men in suits!

The bride wore a cream colour gown.  Unfortunately, the ushers held an umberella in front of her so that shots could not be taken.  At least, I assume that was the reason.

We sat and listened to the wedding ceremony for a little while and then walked on to see some more flowers.

The tulip tree

The fountain on the grounds

I really liked these delicate flowers
We took rests along the way due to the heat.  There were lots of people at the RBG which is good.  My friend has a yearly pass and she can bring a guest, otherwise for seniors it is an entrance fee of $10.00.


I took lots of pictures but will only show a few on this blog.  The other wedding party was just there to take pictures we thought. It looked like the people were from Guyana.  Everybody looked so lovely in their long gowns.  Three little children all dressed in white were part of the bridal party.  They were adoreable!

The Lily Family

Another type of Lily

We were going to go to Esterbrooks for their famous ice cream since we were in Burlington but Rosel had some things to buy at the store so we ran out of time.

All in all a nice afternoon, with the flowers and the two weddings.

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