Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday's birthday celebration at the Black Forest Inn

I did not go downstairs for the coffee hour as Rosie was going to pick me up outside my place to take me to the Black Forest Inn.

After the service ended, Carmen came over and showed me the invitation and poster she is making for the Mexican night on September 24th.  She is so creative.

She handed me a little parcel from her trip to Mexico and it was a Mexican fan which  I just love.

Here is a picture of it.

Straight from Mexico - very beautiful

Boots on the way to his little bed

The church was just too hot for me and by the time the service was over, I was feeling lightheaded so I was glad to get outside.  There was a nice wind outside and this made me feel better. I sat on the bench across from my building and Rosie picked me up and we drove to The Black Forest on King Street East.

We both ordered Rindrouladen which is one of my favourites.  I have enough left for two meals.   For desert, we ordered two different kinds of cake and we tried both of them.

As I was the birthday gal, my cake and the candle that came with it was free which is something we did not know!  What a lovely surprise.
The birthday gal - lemon  yogurt cake

After dinner we drove down to Bayfront Park and spent about 45 minutes there just people and boat watching.  Here are some shots of Bayfront Park.

Hard to believe that one is in the fourth largest city in Canada

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Boat ramp - lots of people taking their boats out today

We were both tired so we cut our little visit to Bayfront Park short and Rosie dropped me off in front of my building.

A wonderful day, spent with good friends.

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