Monday, July 18, 2011

Photographers killed getting the story in Libya

Photographers killed getting the story in Libya

I wonder how many people think of the dangers that reporters face particularly when they are in foreign countries trying to get the news out?

Sometimes they themselves become targets just because they are trying to get the facts of the situation and let the rest of the world know about what is going on.

Without reporters, photographers and now the very many new ways of communication, we may never have known what is going on in distant parts of the world.

A little light, shown in dark corners, gives hope to the many people who are prisioners of conscience, languishing in prision cells, oftentimes being tortured.

The more light shown in the dark, will cause oppressors to rethink their role and hopefully will effect some change for the better.

For all the journalist in this world who go after the truth - my hat is off to them.

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