Friday, July 15, 2011

An interesting age we live in

Friday, the day I used to look forward to so much while I was still working!  Now, not so  much, as all days are the same now that I am retired.

I had a lovely chat with my son on Google video this morning.  We tried the idea of a lamp to brighten up the area near his computer and it was much better.  I will call him on his Skype number for his Skype phone  and leave a message just to make sure that it is not long distance for me.  If it is, I will stick to using Skype and Google for free videocam talks. 

It is very nice to have two options to call long distance through the computer now.

He told me something interesting.  In the grocery store near him, there were three security guards!  He also said that the day he arrived, there was a huge demonstration of students protesting tuition fees.  The police broke it up with water cannons and tear gas.  He was nearby so got some of the tear gas but he was okay.

He also said that in every store that he has been in there have been security guards on duty.

What an interesting age we live in. A country so far away, with a different culture and language is as close as your own computer and news from there can travel so far and so fast.

Hopefully, in all countries of this world, where human rights is not a right, the light can shine in those dark corners and people's lives can change for the better.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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princess-anna said...

That is a very interesting blog about Chile and I hope ken is having a good time now.