Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day 2011

What wonderful weather we had today!  Not too hot and not too cold - just perfect.

The young newly weds, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Ottawa for the Canada Day Festivals.  I think they did very well.

They looked quite relaxed and the crowds certainly loved them.  I particularly enjoyed the Citizenship Ceremony which took place.  Twenty five people took citizenship in front of an array of dignitaries.

Now onto other matters.  I was thinking of going to It's your Festival at Gage Park but I changed my mind.  I don't really like crowds and there is very little shade where they hold the Festival so my friend Rosel and I went down to Bayfront Park with a picnic lunch.

A lovely little spot as seen from our picnic bench

A sheltered nook at Bayfront Park
We both had brought our chairs so we sat and chatted for a while as well as "people watched."

While we were doing that, we saw a bridal party.  I think that they had come down to have some pictures taken.

The Bridal party from a distance.

The ice ceam truck - we treated ourselves to a soft ice cream - delicious!
The little trolley which runs all through the waterfront - a 45 minute run for $5.00
I love to go on this trolley and each year I make it a point to take it even though I have seen all the spots.  It is just so enjoyable to me.

I also like to go on the Hamiltonian boat (the smaller one) as I enjoy being on the water.  I will have to find out the price of it this year.  My friend Asma and I have been trying to go for several years but each time she has come, it is not running as the water is too choppy.  Perhaps this year we will be lucky.

After our picnic, we got in her car and went over to Pier 8 and walked around for abit.  It was also nice.

Pier 8 - notice the cute little sailboat

We stayed there and walked around for awhile, then we went over to Burlington to see some of the lovely houses.  That was enjoyable as well.

All in all, a very way to spend Canada Day.

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