Monday, July 18, 2011

Girl, 16, missing since Thursday

Girl, 16, missing since Thursday

It is my hope that posting this on the blog, might trigger somebody's memory and this child will be found.

Many years ago, I was very involved with the mother of a kidnapped child.  The police were wonderful and when the child was finally found in Hawaii, an agency paid for the Mom to go and bring the child back.

This Mom lived in a small Ontario town but we had met when we both lived in Toronto.  I remember handing out posters to truck drivers and putting them where people would see them.

It was a terrible time for the young Mom.  She lost so much weight that I feared for her health.

When the child came back, he had been told by the kidnapper that his Mom had died.  He was so afraid of being taken again that she had to put bells on his window and bedroom door to make him feel even a little secure.

He was a very small boy at that time, I no longer remember how old he was.  Thankfully, he is all grown up now and safe in Canada.

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