Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday afternoon April 15

I started working on transferring my clothes from winter to summer.  Got all the summer ones out but still have to wash some of the winter ones so i can put them away once my machine is either fixed or replaced.  I really miss having my washing machine!

I bet me doing this a little earlier than usual, will cause a big snow storm, joke, joke.

I wanted to go to the library also this afternoon and managed to return three books and take out four more!  I just love the library and am so lucky I can get there so easily.

When I was in the mall, I bumped into Carmelita, then Sandy who spoke about my "Doors" poem to me as she still remembered it all these  years later and she urged me to come back to the poetry group sessions. I may go back in September.  She told me I was a prolific writer and she enjoys my work and misses me not being there which is very kind of her.

I treated myself to lunch at Toby`s and brought half of it home for tomorrow`s lunch.  

After I had crossed the street, i  saw Joe who is legally blind, look very uncertain so I went up to him and asked him if he needed a hand.  It turned out that he wanted to cross the very busy street so I took him across the street and chatted with him letting him know that I remembered him from my time in the Villa.  He was absolutely delighted to hear that I knew him.

we had a lovely chat for a few minutes and then I wenyt back across the street and home. H e never knew that he had been in grave danger once before and I had written a poem anout it which was performed at Central Library a few years back.   I had also contacted the Hamilton Street Railway and my city councillor re the danger to blind people and how near he had come to putting his own life to an end but also the life of those workers who were gathered around an open manhole.  I  got some results to as the bus drivers were trained once again on how to communicate with blind people or hearing impaired people.

All in all, a very productive day.  I will work another day on getting my winter clothing away and gradually ironing my summer things.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

9th of April

Feeling more like myself now.  Still contageous but by Tuesday I should be fine to be around people again.

I continue to downsize even when unwell.  So much good stuff to pass on to others who will, I hope, be happy to have it.

I am  feeling overwhelmed right now as I go into the little storage area in the apartment.  I am trying to do piece by piece but things are all jumbled up in there and I am no longer strong enough to shift things by myself.

I just hate to ask for help but I may need to.

Will take a little break right now and eat lunch and then try again to shift some of the things and put them for the donation pile.

Thanks for dropping by and wish me luck.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8th, 2017 - sick again

This is getting a little too much. I will be glad when the winter is over and I can get out more in the sunshine and fresh air.

This is my third bout of Norwalk virus this winter and each time it seems to last a little bit longer.  Thus far, it has lasted six days and today I am feeling quite abit better but not very strong.

I am steralizing everything with Javex and water that I touch to kill the virus so hopefully that will help.

I had to cancel my doctor's appointment as I was too contageous to go into her office full of sick people!

She is only in the office each Friday so will have to make another appointment.

Still waiting (now four weeks) for the cat scan at St. Joe's, but have done everything that the doctor has asked me to do so now it is just a waiting game to get the scan and the results and see a specialist and then go from there.

We will get a second opinion and if necessary I will have an operation but I am not fussy about that at all.

This getting older sure is not for the weak of heart!

So many dear friends have been praying for me specifically over the last few months and I do believe God answers prayer.

As a matter of fact, I am now able to eat almost like normal again and actually enjoy the food, my energy level is still low but is improving and my spirits remain high which is of the utmost importance.

My pastor wanted to come and visit me this week but I asked her not to as I did not want her to get this virus.  I really enjoy her visits and we get along very well indeed.  She is about the age of my daughter.

I don'tthink there is much else new, haven't gone anywhere or seen anybody.  Did chat on the phone but am mostly resting, reading and watching Netflick at this time.

My dear cat is a wonderful cat and thankfully she is fine.  My son went to get me some fruit which I could tolerate which also was a big help and my daughter calls every day so I am indeed blessed.

Have a great day and keep well.

Monday, March 20, 2017

What a nice young couple

I really like the young people who bought the condo where I live.  They are very dedicated to repairing things and making things work well.

They came over and helped me with the fridge and hopefully we can make the fridge last longer.  It was bought in 1990 so it has had a very long life but there are some problems now.

They also offered to help me move the furniture around when I want to rearrange things which I really appreciate.  They also took two bags of things away for the charity shop which is a very big help to me.

They work very well together which I think is wonderful.

I was up at 4:30 a.m. today so will have an early night tonight!

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

This and that

I haven't had anything much going on in the past few weeks so had nothing to say.

I meant good things going on!

I somehow caught the Norfolk virus and was quite sick for about five days but thankfully am back to normal now.

I did see a family from Montreal who was visiting in Hamilton.  I have known this family since my daughter was born which is over 50 years.  It was so wonderful to spend time with them at Jackson Square.

The girls left their Mom and I to chat while they went window shopping, then we all met for lunch at the food court.

I am so blessed to have friends who mean so much to me.  Trudy and her girls are like family to me.

I love having my long distance plan so that I can call without worrying about the cost.  I call friends and family in Montreal, Toronto, Lachine, Cape Breton and Langley.  That and the internet, particularly facebook, keep me in regular contact with people which I like.

I also have two friends in the United States that I talk to.  One of them, goes back to when we were 14 or 15 years of age, so you can see that it is a very long and good friendship.

Weatherwise here in Hamilton, there has been a lot of snow - about 35 cm in the last week and it has started to snow again.


I am longing to smell the flowers, walk by the water and just sit outside and read.  Not much to ask but still too early yet I am afraid.

Spring and Fall weather are more to my liking that the hot and humid summers we get here.  We had some really spring like weather and some of the early flowers got confused and poked their little heads up out of the ground.  Alas, the storm came and I would assume that they did not make it.

This winter, I have stayed in mostly except to go grocery shopping or to borrow tons of books from the library.  Once a month, six of us get together for lunch and fellowship at different restaurants in Hamilton.  Over the years, we have developed a very close friendship which is wonderful.

My son put in Roku for me and Acorn TV and Netflix and I really am enjoying it very much.  It is so much cheaper than cable.  I can watch the local news on my computer at six p.m. and I can borrow DVD's from the library of the two programmes I absolutely enjoy each weekday.  Little House on the Prairie and also The Waltons.

I love their  good values portrayed and neighbour helping neighbour.  I think we need to go back to that lifestyle (in a more modern way obviously) and rethink this rat race which is the modern way of rushing through life after the almighty dollar.

In the long range plan, all that will matter is the relationship to others and to the animals we cherish and to mother earth and our care of her.  We cannot take our money when we die, Even in old age, money will not buy happiness.  Though, money will help you get into a better retirement residence if that is the lifestyle you would like.  I personally prefer to remain in my home as long as I can cope.

Of course, the most important relationship is our relationship to the Creator as we are stewards on this earth and thus, have a reponsibility to keep it in good condition.

The snow has stopped now and perhaps I can get out for a breath of fresh air. Sure hope so.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

77th birthday party for my friend

Her grandchildren put it on.  It was a lovely event andwell attended.  People from Grimbsy, Waterloo, Hamilton and one other place attended.

The food was very good and I managed to eat a little bit but not much.

There was a baby shower also in that same afternoon  for the St. John's people and people were invited to both so they had to split their time.

Zeff played the accordian which was a big hit!

All in all, a lovely afternoon.  I was able to get DARTS both ways which was good.

Tbanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Just touching base

Well, it is settled, I will remain here for one more year and hopefully can renew it for many more years to come.

I like the young people I am renting from so that is good.

My health has been up and down - still seem to have that bug.  I guess my resistence is not good.

Another friend of mine has had the bug as well so I sure can relate to what she is going through.

The weather has been very cold so I haven't gone out much.  I am trying to get used to Netflick and Acorn TV.  I plan to cut out my cable to save some money.

Due to this bug, I have missed some really nice things but what can you do?  Health must come first.

When you don't go anywhere, there isn't much to say.  Thanks for dropping by.

Have a good day.

Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

Sorry for not writing something earlier but my mind is not at ease with all this business of moving, or not moving.

On top of it all, I have caught a really bad bug and thus far today, I have had to wash sheets and clothing three times in the machine.

I am not settled in my mind about my future place of abode.  I would have prefered to stay here but  I have requested a phone call from the new owners but have not received it.

I know that the message has been passed on to them and wonder why they have not called.

I have advised the former owner's agent that I require a year's lease the first year.  It is safer for me.

Otherwise, in two months notice, they can kick me out and I have to go.  Same for me also, I could give two months notice and leave.

However, in my old age this is not good for my well being and health and it is definitely affecting me not knowing    I have two places I can go to, One I like much better but the other would be a better choice economicaly.  It is a seniors building with activities and the apartments are smaller than I have here but clean with lots of cupboard space.  The building is kept clean as well as I could see, and I did look around closely!

Both are open and available at this moment.  Don't know for how much longer though.

So as you see, there is a few things on my mind right now and I hope to say soon they will be settled one way or the other.

On on one other note, which may interest you, my son put Roku on my t.v. and then downloaded a British drama, comedies station onto it.  The cost per month is not bad - I think it is $6.00.

So far, I have enjoyed it.  In the winter I don't get around much due to ice underfoot and I need something to keep me engaged in living,joke, joke.

I just need to move forward not stagnate waiting for others to decide my fate.  I am almost ready to give in my notice to the young people and move - we'll have to see what the answer is from them on a one year lease.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a good day and hope you don't catch the bug that is going around.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18,2016

Our litle gang met for lunch today.  We do that each month which is something nice to look forward to.  Two of our group were sick and unable to go.

We went to the Harvest Moon which is cheap and cheerful!  Unlimited Chinese tea and a very big plate of good food.

We had tons of laughter and stayed from 11:30 to 2 p.m. and the restaurant did not mind at all.

I learned that the Italian store which sells underwear is still in business.  They just opened another branch in Stoney Creek as one of our gals bought new underwear there.

I am happy to hear that.  They have good quality items from Italy.

Jeff drove Joanne and I home, which we both appreciated.  My parking spot came in very handy today.  We could park for free at ay Municipal parking lot or meter.  I did not know that.

That is a great saving!

All in all, a very nice afternoon spent with good friends.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 17th and a real dull looking day outside

I was up about 3 a.m. today and stayed up, then crashed again about 6  I think.  Slept again till 10:30 then had my coffee and started to continue downsizing.  Today I am working on Christmas Decorations and they were all spread over the sofa.  Many are going to the Salvation Army but I will still keep about three small blue boxes full plus a miniature tree all decorated.

My son came to set up Roko for me last night.  I am slowly getting the hang of it. It is more like working a computer than a cable programme.  I just hope I can find many of my favourite old shows though.

It is much cheaper and I only watch a little t.v. so it is not worth keeping the cable.

When he has time, he is going to install a British comedy and dramas  but I need to pay for it but it is very inexpensive.  I cannot remember how much but much cheaper than cable.Roko is free most of the programmes.

Now onto other news. My friend Jeff took me to Van Wagner\s Beach in Stoney Creek on Sunday afternoon.  We had a lovely walk although it was very cold.  It was great to be there again. I have been several times with Jennifer but only in the summer so it was nice to see the water and the area in the winter time.

We stopped in at Hutch's for coffee just to warm up.  He was kind enough to drive me to see a Seniors rental building near him.  It was nice.  I have put my name in there for market rent but there is a 4 year waiting period.  I may not even live that long!

Since we were in his neighbourhood, we went to his place to pick up Leadbelly the cat so I could finally meet him.  A beautiful looking cat.  He did not hiss at me, allowed me to pat him after sniffing my hand, nor did he bite.  He seems to like the ladies, joke, joke. I only patted him through the car window but he did not seem to be threatened by me.

I was glad to see him finally after hearing about him.

All in all, a very enjoyable Sunday.
Jeff - smiling

me - with a crooked smile

From the coffee shop window - note the barrenness

A different shot

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12,2017

A joke piicture taken by Dana.

Jeff is wearing a sweater under his jacket to the left, Mohamed is wearing his coat as he still felt cold from being outside.   I am in the middle which caused much joking. This way I had a better chance to hear both of the gentlemen.


Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I receive Ellen Jaffe's wonderful book called "Writing Your Way"

 I am hoping this book will get me back into writing as for the last year I have been stuck, mostly due to health problems.  I need something to light a spark in me and hopefully Ellen's lovely book will help me.

Let alone I see a lady that I have not seen for a long time due to my being more or less housebound for months and months, but the afternoon was just a delightful time spent with two gentlemen friends of mine.

It was absolutely delightful to have them both as guests at my wonderful club.

We chatted about many subjects including politics and religion but we didn't come to blows fortunately, joke, joke.

As usual, the club's staff were wonderful and Dana, a new lady who is on the wait staff, took some pictures for me of the three of us in the Den where we had the tea.

I waited with both of the gentlemen for their respective buses to get them home.

It was a very wonderful time and I hope some day we will do it again.

Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

The search goes on

Sunday, Jan 8, 2017

It looks like it snowed last night and I believe it is still quite cold out there. Yesterday I checked with our local bus company on how to get to a location to see an apartment.

Unfortuntely for me, they made a mistake and I took the Abetrdeen bus and the round trip took one hour!  The only sign of Bay Street was way up on Aberdeen and on such a vey cold day (cold weather warning even), I was not about to try and find my way down to Hunter.

What a waste of time and a little frustrating.

I will try and go today, but phoning them first to make sure the apartment is still available. Some friends have told me the correct bus numbers to take to where I need to go.

I certainly was glad to get home to my warm and cozy apartment.

I spent the rest of the day watching a Miss Marple video from the library and reading.

Have a good day everybody.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 4, 2017

First of all, Happy New Year to you all.  I am so sorry I have been so neglectful of this blog.  I haven't got much to say as I am more housebound than going out to places.

Of course, now that winter has arrived, with ice underfoot and snow on the ground, it does not make me feel like going out even for a walk.

I have had a major shock which affected me quite deeply.  J7ust a short while before Christmas.  The condo fees have gone up 22% and this has caused my elderly couple, whom I am renting from, to decide to sell.  I had not planned on leaving here until I either died or had to go into a nursing home.

As you can imagine, this is my home and the shock was a little bit too much for me and I slept right through one day into the next day at 4:30 p.m.  It seems I lost a full day somewhere.

That has never happened to me before.  A very odd experience and most confusing.

Obviously, I need to find a new place to live but everything is very expensive now in Hamilton.  The rents have gone up tremendously since I arrived 14 years ago.  It was quite a shock to see that.

I have two apartment buildings in mind, one of which I am more in favour of as I know three ladies that live there and they love it.  It is not directly down town as I am now, but I can still get there by bus and for groceries, I can take a taxi back or order through or go with an agency here who shops for what I want for a small fee.  All of those are good possibilities.

I am looking for a one bedroom  apartment although I really would be better off with a two bedroom as I have a lot of furniture and things.  I had that in Toronto and I loved my balcony in Toronto and used it a great deal.  I grew cherry tomatoes and mint plus, of course, pansies and other pretty flowers.

I don't know what is happening with this apartment, a young couple have put in an offer which was accepted and a house inspector came yesterday to inspect the plumbing etc. etc. etc.  It should pass with flying colours as I take very good care of this place - cleaning every day.

I had three sets of real estate people walking theitr clients through and two clients put in an offer, one far too low and the other was accepted.  It is a new experience for me to be involved in the selling of a place (limited involvement) and I spoke the truth when people asked about living here and about any problems.

I have handled showing an apartment for a friend for rental purposes several times and the same friend will be putting his unit up for sale.  I offered to help him show the place as they now live far away but owing to my health problems, he did not think it was adviseable.

Perhaps it is true.  I still am not healed from the fracture in late May in my spine and tire very easily.  Cannot stand very long, nor sit very long.  The most comfortable is to lie down on my bed on my side but even that starts to pain me so I have to switch.

I do hope and pray that I will heal .  I have come a long way but still a fair bit of time will be needed I think to get better completely.  My alternative is an operation on my spine and that is a last resort.

Thank you for dropping by and keep well.  I will try and do better on this blog.

Have a very good and health new year, cherish your family and your dear friends as that is the most important - money is nice, but is not everything as some people seem to think.

Thanks again for dropping by.