Sunday, May 14, 2017

News from the Mother's Day Tea and Plant sale

It was a very pleasant day to have this yearly event. I walked over to the church with my walker and as it happened, met two of my friends who carried the walker downstairs for me.

This year, it was not so busy as in the past.  Perhaps people were already out in their gardens planting flowers and vegetables?  Who knows.  However, there still were plenty of people who came to enjoy this very worthwhile event.

Four of my close friends turned up and after I did my coffee pouring duty, I ate lunch with them and then Jennifer drove me home.

The food was wonderful and very filling. I brought half of the snitzel on a bun home.  The potato salad was excellent as well.  I treated myself to a lovely piece of cheese cake.  German baking is out of this world!

For $6.00, one had a very filling meal.  The desert and coffee were extra.  One dollar for a bottomless coffee, tea or herbal tea, and the slices of cakes varied in cost, but still nothing like restaurant prices!

I was glad that Jennifer drove me home, as I had only two hours of sleep and was dragging myself around because of that.

Alas, for me, again, I did not sleep that night as well, so I am dragging myself around, once again.

Thanks for dropping by.

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