Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sunday May 7th visit to Dundurn Castle and Williams Coffee Pub at Pier 8

We were really fortunate that it was a brisk but nice day out.  No rain!  Jeff picked me up at the back door and we went to Dundurn Castle.  We could not find a parking spot so we parked on the street and walked in.  It was fine as I had my walker with me.

The lineups were unbelieveable.  We waited quite a few minutes in line as they could admit so many people at a time.  It was fortunate that I had my walker with me as I cannot stand for any length of time without a lot of pain.

Here are two pictures of Dundurn Castle.

Taken by me

Taken by Jeff Seffinga

Jeff''s picture is better.  

The lineups were really bad.  Here is a picture of that.

I was only able to stay on the ground floor.  Baby carriages had to be left in a certain area and the young children carried due to the value artifacts in the place.

Jeff went upstairs to see the bedrooms.

In the meantime, I had asked to see our friend Elizabeth who works there and she came down for a nice little chat while I was waiting for Jeff.  It was so great to see her.
See the lady bug on the bud coming out?
me in the kitchen garden
Jeff and the cherry tree
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A small part of the grounds

The kitchen garden - they still grow vegetables and have cherry trees, apple and pear trees as well.  Nothing is wasted as they use the products in their work at Dundurn during the winter and any food  left over from the garden is given to Neighbour to Neighbour which has a food bank on the Mountain.

I was mostly impressed by the garden.  The castle was just too big for me and not cozy at all.  Very stately, of course, but I much prefer a cozy home.  They did have a nice view of the water though.

Our next stop was at Pier 8 at the Waterfront.  Hamilton has a wonderful waterfront where you can spend hours and hours reading, watching people or just enjoying waving the boats on the water or hearing the lapping of the waves as they slap against the stone walls where the railings are.

Jeff, enjoying his meal

An interesting tree near where one gets the  bus back to Downtown

All in all, a very nice way to spend an afternoon.  Thanks for dropping by.


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