Monday, May 31, 2010

Weeping willow tree

On the nice days, such as today was, I take my chair, water, notebook and pen and go to one of my three favourite spots which is very reachable for me.

Today I sat under the weeping willow tree and wrote a short story about how a bench feels. Here is a picture of the willow tree. I love the sound of the rustling of the leaves with the gentle breeze that passes through it branches!

It was great fun for me to write the story of how a bench feels. Over the next few days, I will polish it up.

I sure hope the city keeps that little parkette open as it is a wonderful spot.

It started to look threatening so I hoped on the No. 7 and went sightseeing to the loop and then came back to downtown. It was interesting to go through Locke Street and see the shops and to see the greenery of the Loop. We only stopped for a few minutes there.

A few years back, I took a walk through that walkway and enjoyed it so perhaps one day I will do it again.

It was another very nice day and now all I have left to do is ice the cake I made this morning and put it in the frig. A friend of mine is coming for a short visit tomorrow.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Princess Point 2010

Interesting views of different parts of Princess Point in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. May 2010.

I particularly liked how a green plant was growing out of this tree stump - shows how life goes on in spite of death.

I just loved the wild roses plus all the other kinds of plants.

A view from the bridge. Ducks on the water.

What a lovely time I had in the late afternoon, both in taking the bus to Princess Point as well as walking the trail and setting my umbrella chair up under the shade of a lovely old tree.

Many of the people I met walking on the trail were friendly and returned my smile. Some were not - I guess that they were afraid to meet a stranger. I don't think I look too threatening though!
I wonder if more people smiled at each other and took the time to say hello, wouldn't it be a nicer place to live? Also good exercise for the facial muscles!

Along the trail, I saw wild roses blooming, heard birds chirping and roller bladers doing their own special thing, as well as dog walkers, couples on bikes and couples pulling carts with children in it. It is such a pleasure for me to see how well used that section of the park is by families and young courting couples.

I even saw an older couple walking hand in hand which I found lovely. Love and affection is not just for the young but for all ages.

I wrote a little poem when I was down there about fishing and nature. I had chosen a perfect spot to sit.

The little train is now running and it has gone up in price to $5.00 which is too bad. I will take it once this year instead of several times as I love that run and see so much of the different sides of the park that I normally could not see.

I took the city bus home and enjoyed the lovely route it takes through Aberdeen. It surely is a beautiful area with stately homes and some nice gardens.

Andrew and Rahell brought up my big bag of flour which they had so kindly picked up for me when they went grocery shopping. We had herbal tea together and had a lovely chat.
Andrew will be preaching in Caledonia today. They are such a lovely couple and I really like her, the more I see her.

I was so honoured to be invited to their wedding. I was the only one attending from the building which made it a double honour!

All in all, a wonderful day!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Time at Gore Park

The weather was so nice today with a lovely breeze so after going shopping at Jackson's Square, I decided to sit out and read at Gore Park. I shall be glad when they make it more into a real park, hopefully with more benches in the shade.

I saw the Sudanese gentlemen sitting and chatting harmoniously with each other. They seem to have made quite a few friends even among the Canadian people which is great.

It was interesting to see that one of the gentlemen was brought to Jackson's Square middle entrance and let off there by his son or grandson. I suppose he went into the mall but when I came back from shopping, I shall him sitting with the Sudanese people.

I know they are Sudanese because of my friend Mohammad as he knows them as well. Most of them are in their late sixties or early seventies I would think, but there are also some young ones as well.

It is so nice that they can get together and speak their own language which is Arabic.

After a while, two young girls came to sit beside me and they smoked and blew smoke my way which I did not appreciate. I was not overly impressed with their talk or behaviour either! I know that times have changed, but in this case, it sure is not for the better! What language!

A young black man came to sit with them and it was obvious that they all knew each other.

I will not repeat what they talked about but needless to say, if I were that young man's mother, I would not want those girls near him!

Oh well, one must try and be tolerant but it sure is hard when people blow smoke in your face!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A lovely time at Vintage tea room

Each of the girls had their own teapots. This is what they look like. I did see other teapots of different shapes on other tables though. They could have refills of the water as much as they wanted
Anita, Grace, Wilma - it is a delightful place to go and the food was delicious. Even on a week day there were quite a few people there.

Yummy carrot cake and my coffee pot.

We always get along so well and it was a pleasure to go out with them after a long time.

Two of my friends and I treated ourselves to a meal at the Vintage tea room on Locke Street. It is as lovely as I remember it. I have not been there for at least two, maybe three years.

The food was delicious and they did not rush us which is something I appreciate.

Anita, Grace and I had a lovely visit and then Anita and I went along the street to look at the shops. There now is a handcrafted store there from developing countries called Ten Thousand Villages. This is a programme of the Mennonite Central Committee. I had only been to the one in Waterloo so I am very glad to see that there is one in Hamilton now.
I saw some lovely items there. If I have visitors from out of town, I may take them to Locke Street and show them around.

We had a lovely visit and I have invited them to come to Artword/Artbar for the 16th of June at 7:30 to hear some of the readings. They are looking forward to it, as is my friend Irene.

All in all, a very nice day and my groceries should be arriving any time now and I will be set for a month of the basic necessities.
Carol, my shopping lady brought my groceries. She could not find any Washing Soda which is a shame but perhaps next time. It is so great to put with regular washing powder. It really gets things clean and smelling nice.
I like Carol, she does a real good job and on top of it, is a very nice lady.
Unfortunately, she only bought a small bag of flour, so I will not cancel the request to Andrew for them to pick it up once they go grocery shopping. I will also ask them if they could get some washing power as I think they may go to the more expensive grocery stores.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We had a lovely time together yesterday

The kids arrived a little after 12 noon from Kitchener and we went back to my place for lunch.

I actually had cooked! It is getting quite rare for me to cook although I do enjoy it if it is for company or for a party.

We had roast chicken, with roast potatoes,garlic and onions, rice and peas and, of course, home made bread! For desert, we had banana bread.

After lunch Anna wanted me to make her a pink coloured bracelet for when she goes out so I did with Czech firepolish beads. She loved it. I gave her the gift from Jennifer and she was so delighted. I just handed her the bag full of goodies and it wasn't until after they left when I was tidying up, that I noticed that she had not taken the necklace I had made for her nor the present from my friend Stella. I think she must have gotten so excited about Jennifer's gift and the binder I bought for her that she did not notice the other two things.

Oh well, they will come again in July so she can get it then.

We went over to Jackson's Square to the dollar store and then to the market. We bumped into three friends there just as we strolled around. Bojanna, Peter and Mohammad.

It was great to see all of them, and Mohammad and the kids seemed to hit it off quite well. Bojana remembered them from Whitehern last year so that was nice but Peter had never met them.

After a light supper, I walked them to the bus station and watched them board the bus and stayed until they were on their way.

It was very interesting to note some interaction between a young couple. The girl had come on the same bus as Anna and Bill from Kitchener. A young man was waiting for her here and to say the least, these two young people were delighted to see each other. I think that they must have clung to each other at least ten minutes before walking off.

As it happens, they did a repeat performance for the bus leaving early evening so I assume that they both live in different towns and don't see each other very often.

Both seemed like lovely young people.

All in all, a lovely day spent together and they will come again in July.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A rain day for a visit from Kitchener

What a pity it is raining today as Anna and Billy are on their way from Kitchener. It is very pretty countryside that they come through and the trip alone through there makes it a most pleasant ride.

I have been cooking up a storm, roast chicken with roast potatoes, onions, garlic, rice and peas and home made bread which is rising right now.

For desert, we are having banana bread as well as my homemade cinnamon bread.

Anna wants me to make her a pink bracelet for her medical alert bracelet, so since it is raining, we can do that.

I had hoped to be able to take them somewhere interesting such as the waterfront but we may not be able to do that.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A tough day

Today was another funeral at St. John's of the grandchild of a large family. Great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and good friends turned up for this little 4 year old's funeral.

My heart goes out to the family of Hanna, who passed away from brain cancer.

I can just imagine the anguish and the emotional pain that they are going through right now.

I have some understanding of what they went through as my own son was hospitalized when he was about 9 or 10 with severe pains in this stomach. Sick Kids in Toronto thought it was cancer and as you can imagine, no mother or father wants to hear that.

I remember spending every noon hour and the hours after work at the hospital. Happily I worked at Queen's Park and could walk down to the hospital. My boss Wally was very supportive of me and understood if I was back a few minutes late from lunch. He could not have been kinder to me.

In my son's case, it did not turn out to be cancer and it could be cured another way.

I remember the feelings of anxiety and worry. I remember the feeling of helplessness as I had to stand by and let the medical profession take over.

I found it very difficult to see the video of Hanna's life, especially when she was in the hospital after the seizure. I noticed other people felt the same and many tears were wiped away quietly.

She was a much loved child whose loving nature touched all those she came into contact with.

It is hard to understand why a child is taken so early on in life but little Hanna had already touched so many people in her short life, so perhaps her job was done on this earth.

I totally believe that each person is here on earth with a job to do, some find it early in life, some in later years. Alas, some never seem to find it.

I do know, without any doubt in my own mind, that there is life after this life, having passed through a near death experience at age 22 and then a cardiac arrest a few years ago.

It was the most wonderful thing which could have happened to me. At age 22, I walked on the lighted path, looking down at my body as it lay on the bed with the doctor's working so hard to revive me. I remember wanting to pat them on their heads, especially the two young ones who looked so intense and I wanted to tell them that I was all right.

At that time, while walking on the lighted path, I was met with people that I knew who had already left this earth. They walked along with me. I was not alone. I heard the most wonderful music, the like of which I have never heard again. These people communicated with me, not in language, but somehow with thought and we understood each other perfectly. They were so welcoming and I felt so much love, affection and acceptance radiating from them.

We walked together until we came to a kind of lighted archway, and then I was stopped and a being of light (only way I can describe it), told me my work was not done and it was not time for me.

At that stage, all the pain returned and I found myself back in my body. An emergency operation saved my life.

That experience was the best thing that ever happened to me as it changed my whole outlook on life and made me more emphatic for others. I feel people's pain and sorrow as if it were my own.

My thoughts are with the family at this time as they stuggle to live each day without their little princess.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful walk this afternoon

What gorgeous weather we had today. About 3:30 I decided to go for a walk so I walked over to Whitehern and sat watching the nursery school children play in the garden with their teachers. I really enjoyed that as some of the children talked to me briefly.

After that, I met two ladies in the garden and we chatted a little then we all went on our separate ways. I walked up to Bay and Hunter and sat in the small park where the monument is. It was nice and shady and the same two ladies came by and we chatted so more. One of the ladies lives in the Fontainbleu apartments and she said they are very nice.

I then met a young lady who was studying for her Board tests in order to be registered as a nurse. We had a delightful talk and even talked about God. Her Mom had her little girl and she was waiting for her to bring her back.

The two ladies told me how much improved city hall was and that I should take a look so I walked back that way. It is now more accessible.

I read a poetry book while I was at Whitehern and then read a political book on Pakistan and Iran.

A most enjoyable time!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A nice visit with my friends, Anneliese and George

Tonight is a big meeting here in the building and I suggested that they come down as it will affect them. We had a very enjoyable meal at Toby's in the mall and then we went to the Farmer's Market for them to look around and see the different changes. They used to live in Ancaster before but moved to be near their daughter and grandchildren in Kingston. They own property in this building and as a result, they will return for the meeting tonight, as I felt they would benefit from being there. We have been friends since we met and I keep them appraised of what goes on in this building. The internet is so wonderful for that!

Tonight, I am unable to attend the meeting as I am participating in a Mother/Daughter event at St. John's and need to be there.

They will let me know what happens, as will other people here.

All in all, a lovely visit and I really like them more and more each time we get together.

Anneliese's family had 15 minutes to leave their home in Czechoslovakia and her Dad was a prisoner of the Russians during the war. Her Mom had four small children and Anneliese is the oldest and she has started to write about this time. I offered to help her if she wants, as it is a story of survival in spite of everything stacked against them.

I learned something new about George today which I found interesting. Just before the Iran/Iraq war began in earnest, he was sent by his construction company to work in Iraq. They asked him to stay on but he said no, unless his family could come over. They were not able to accommodate that, so he went back to Canada. Shortly after that, the place where he was working was bombed and several of his fellow workers were killed. As a construction person, he and his family moved from city to city and have lived in many different Canadian cities over the period of time while he was working. He is an British man and both are about my age. It is most interesting that she is a German and he is a Britisher as there was much hatred between the two peoples during the war. It is interesting to note that love can triumph over hate.

Like another family I know who were German but lived in other countries in Europe in German speaking areas, Annelies family were forced to flee Czechoslovakia with only 15 minutes notice. They became refugees. St. John's has many such people with stories which should be told.

I remember speaking to Germans in Montreal when I went to the German church in St. Laurent. Many of them were long time residents of Canada and had become citizens. During the war, they had to report to the authorities once a week but, according to one lady, they were treated very well.

The Canadians of Japanese descent, were not so well treated though. In my view, it is a shame on Canada.

Although we in North America had shortages of goods etc. we were fortunate that the war did not come to our soil. There were two sisters who had a house on our street and one of the sister's had a baby out of wedlock. The sisters raised this child and I remember my mother talking admiringly about how well they did it. I myself am an adopted child and perhaps this is the story of my beginnings as well. So many things happened during the war, conventions were left behind, and families were separated from loved ones serving overseas. I was raised by a good family who adopted me when I was but 6 weeks old.

I remember my Dad going to Camp Border for his Reserve training during the war and bringing back white margarine with a patch of colour that we would mix into it. We could not get margarine in Quebec at all in that time. That sticks in my memory as it was so different from regular butter that we were used to eating.

On another note altogether, while we three were at the Farmer's Market, we passed Maria's stall and George remembered buying some of her homemade Portugese sauce. He bought some more. Maria remarked on my silver and peridot Swarovski set and admired it.

On yet another note, I am so tired right now as I did not sleep even a wink last night but I am participating in the programme tonight so I must go.

Oh, bye the way, my "Floating" poem has been accepted for publication by Tower Poetry which is nice.

Other than that, nothing else new.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a lazy day I had

In spite of the fact that it was a gorgeous day outside, I did not feel like going anywhere.

I watched two Inspector Lindley videos which I had bought at the book sale at the Library and enjoyed them very much. I then did some jewelry work and made some more window hangings.

I spoke to Mohammed today late in the day, and he told me that he had been sitting for four hours at Gore Park enjoying the sun and his book.

Too bad I had not known, I would have gone down to say hello.

It was nice to have such a restful day.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why did I ever start this Spring Cleaning

Each year I do this to myself - spring clean. Then in the Fall again - the fall cleaning.

In between is the regular cleaning daily and weekly. Sometimes I wonder if this place will ever be finished!

Living downtown has many, many advantages but dust blown in from the windows is not one of them! I am working on dusting my many tapes which will take some time. In the meantime, I am listening to them which is very nice.

I was planning to go out today but got involved with shelves and taking everything off, dusting etc. etc.

In any event, the weather is really not that great out so I haven't missed anything.

Perhaps tomorrow after church, I will go out somewhere.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

An afternoon spent with Poets over 70

A smaller window hanging.
A window decoration I made for Jody.

Ava and I. I have never seen such a small dog and she is not supposed to grow much bigger. She is a very loving little thing and we took to each other right away.

What a delightful time was had at Poet's over 70 book launch today. It was held in the Westdale Library and the room was packed.

This was a joint programme by McMaster University Gerintology Department and Tower Poetry Society. Prof. Ellen Ryan and Marianne Vesprey were the ones who co-ordinated this lovely book.

There was an amazing amount of poetry sent in which was quite a surprise. I had no idea so many people over 70 wrote and it was most gratifying to see that.

If I am not mistake, there was over 400 poems chosen for the book.

During the course of the afternoon, light refreshments were served.

The one time I wasn't going home right away, I got three offers of rides! However, I had promised to go for supper to my friend Jody's which is very close to the library.

We had a lovely meal together and I met her new dog, and of course, Oliver the cat whom I have known a few years now. Oliver still does not like me so we avoid each other as much as possible.

However, little Ava just snuggled up to me. She is the cutest little dog I have ever seen. I think she is a Maltese.

Jody had a meeting at her school so she dropped me off at home. All in all, a very nice afternoon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The funeral was today

St. John's was packed to the rim and people even had to sit upstairs where the choir sits. It just shows how much esteem Arthur was held in.

Many people came from Wellingstone Retirement Community, as well as people from the church family and other folk I did not know.

Erich, Arthur's younger brother, brought the message. Pastor Frank officiated and members of the family spoke in turn about their Dad and Grandfather and how he influenced their lives.

It was a very moving time with the choir singing "Peace, Be With You" by Mary McDonald and "Ave Verum" by W.A. Mozart. Erich's topic was on Arthur's Confirmation Verse, which was "Fight the good fight of faith, 1. Timothy, chapter 6, vs. 12.

Their Dad was a pastor in Yugoslavia, Austria and finally in Canada at St. John's, and their Dad picked this verse out specifically for Arthur wanting him to learn to channel his energies into something constructive which would stand him in good stead all of his life.

Erich brought forth a few memories of when Arthur was a boy and getting into scraps with his older brother. It made the assembled guests laugh as they saw how Arthur had matured in a positive way.

Waltrault (Arthur's wife of 47 years) had her favourite hymn in the service "I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry".

It was grand to hear of the boy Arthur, the husband, the father, the grandfather, the churchman, the teacher, the friend.

After the service, many people went out for the service at the burial ground but I stayed behind and waited for them to return. As is usual, the ladies of the Women's group had outdone themselves with the preparation of the scrumptious feast.

It went on until almost 5:30 with people lingering even after that.

It must have been a real comfort for the family to know how much of a good influence Arthur had not only on his own family but on his church and school family as well.

Arthur Weingartner - 1938-2010 (Mother's Day)

A friend sent me a part of a Jewish prayer which I thought was so appropriate and with her permission I am putting it in here.

"MAY HIS MEMORY BE A BLESSING." Truly Arthur's memory will be a blessing and a comfort to all those who knew him.

On the Order of Service these words were printed as well. "Be still and know that I am God". Psalm 46, vs. 10.

Arthur's whole life was spent in service to God and to man. What better thing could be said for any person?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The visitation

I have never seen so many people come out for one single person. It just shows what love and affection people had for Arthur and his whole family.

They had a show on a screen which showed Arthur's young life and then his more mature life. It was wonderful to see his Mom and Dad. His Mom is now 99 years old, his father passed away quite some time ago. His Dad was a Lutheran Pastor in Europe as well as in Hamilton.

So many people were there from St. John's, it was amazing. Some people think that Germans are not emotional people but if you could see the love and affection that was shown to this family, you would never think that again.

The funeral home was way out on Highway 53 so I went up by bus to Rosie's and then Denise and Lester picked me up after work and drove me there. Rosie had to wait for Ron and Nieta to come from Kitchener.

Rosie and I had a nice little visit but she had to wait for the Kitchener family so I went with the young people.

I finally met Erich, the brother. He lives in North Bay and will be taking part in the funeral tomorrow. His Mom gave me one of his books years ago. I must dig it out and read it again. It was on human rights, a subject very dear to me.

It was a celebration of Arthur's life with pictures everywhere. Many flowers were sent as well. The family would like donations made to St. John's as they are so very involved there as was Arthur. Arthur held many posts in that church over the years and was a backbone and well liked and respected by all.

Tomorrow will be another day of feeling sad and yet glad, that Arthur's pain is no longer there and that he is in the loving hands of God. Cancer is a terrible disease.

His Mom has family staying with her. I doubt that she will be able to come for the funeral. They are very nice at the Long-Term Care facility and I like it there. I have visited her there and now I have another friend living there so I will go and visit both of them this summer.

It is so very sad when a parent outlives the child, no matter what age the person is.
Arthur was 72. His mother is 99.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The weekend's events

Saturday morning was the St. John's Mother's Day Tea and plant sale. My usual job is pouring coffee for a bottomless cup. I enjoy that as I can speak to a lot of people that way.

Due to the bad weather (cold and windy), it was not as well attended as it is usually. My friend Jennifer came and she was kind enough to drive me to the Westdale Library for the Annual General Meeting of Tower.

I was very happy for that, as it really was nasty weather! Stella and I walked into the library at the same time, so we tried to set up some chairs but when the men came, they set up the tables as they are very heavy.

Suffice it to say, I am glad that this will be my last A.G.M. with the duty to take the minutes. I resigned from the secretarial position a week or so before the A.G.M.

Even with the hearing aid in, I could not make it all out.

Ed drove me home after the meeting for which I was most thankful as it continued to be very windy and cold. I was exhausted.

Sunday, I went to St. John's and Rosie and I were invited out to Denise and Lester's for Mother's Day. I had never been to their house in Grimbsy and I just loved it!

We had such a nice time.

I also heard some very sad news this morning that Arthur died on Sunday late afternoon.

Visitation and the funeral will be some time this week. Arthur was a great guy, responsible and caring. Good husband, son, father and grandfather. My heart sure goes out to Waltrault and the children and to his Mom who is in 99 years of age.

He will be truly missed.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brr, the weather has turned quite a lot cooler

I had an appointment in the mall today at noon and fortunately I wore my jacket as it was quite chilly out there!

Tonight is Open Mic at Poetry Center and if Alvarro calls to offer me a ride, I will go and read one or two of my poems just to keep my hand in.

I really miss Central Library as they have such a nice auditorium where we can read our work. Ah well, it won't be long now before the renovations are complete.

I also like being able just to walk over to the Library and not have to depend on somebody else to offer me a ride. I don't like to go out at night by myself, especially all the way to Westdale.

I heard a bunch of chanting outside and looked out the window and saw that many people dressed in white medical coats were banding together and chanting. I wish I could have heard what they said. It was too far for me to read their sign.

They came from the direction of St. Joe's.

Ah well, it might be on the news tonight. I wonder how our friendly neighbourhood alligator is doing as well....

Have a good day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well, now I have heard everything

Today, on the six o'clock news, it was told that there is an alligator or a crocodile in the water here in Hamilton. There was even pictures of it. The authorities are now investigating the matter.

It must have been somebody's cute little "pet" until it got too big! Why do people adopt such dangerous animals? They grow and they are wild creatures.

I remember being in Florida to visit my aunt and uncle a few years back and them telling me what happened to a couple with a small dog who were having a picnic by a Florida lake. An alligator came up and snatched the dog and that was the end of him.

Many families picnic near the water here in Hamilton in the summer and there are boaters galore. I never thought I would hear of such a creature being in Canadian waters.

It reminds me of a time in Regent Park where I used to be a day care teacher at the end of my career. I was walking to get the streetcar when this young man came towards me on his bike. Wrapped around him was a huge snake. I think it was a boa constrictor.

One of my fellow workers did not believe me when I mentioned it the next day at school so I invited her to walk with me and there was the fellow with his snake again.

Guess what, she will never disbelieve me again!

Imagine living next door to such a critter!

There also was a case of a runaway snake in Montreal who invaded a poor woman's apartment and she heard the rustling noise under her bed and got out fast. Apparently the snake had escaped somehow from another apartment.

Needless to say, it was a terrible shock for her to say the least!

Again, why do people adopt such creatures. They do not belong and are actually quite dangerous.

Give me a cat, dog, bird, or gerbil any day!

Earth for re potting my many plants

As soon as the store opened I went. Before that, I dropped into Toby's for breakfast and had their $3.99 special which was a real treat for me.

I needed more earth to re pot my plants and knew that the earth would disappear fast in this planting season.

I bought enough that it should do all my plants and give them a new energy and hopefully, they will not shun me for neglecting me so long!

I also bought some of those globes that water the plant automatically. It is a great idea and they are very pretty.

I already have some terra cota ones in some of my plants but some have nothing so thing will help them stay watered!

It sure is a beautiful day today and I might go to my little oasis and just read my book later on.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sad news

I just got an e-mail from my son to tell me that an old friend of mine is now in Palliative Care in the Toronto area. He received an e-mail from her son.

She has been fighting cancer and it looks like she is losing. She and I go back 37 years, when we first met in our apartment building. We used to walk together pushing our two boys in their strollers. We remained friends all these years even those both of us moved away from Toronto.

The boys, also, have remained friends.

When a friend is in a bad way, my heart grieves especially since there is nothing I can do to help.

Speaking of helping, I saw a sight today which also touched my heart. A Niagara ambulance and Niagara Police cruiser raced through downtown Hamilton with sirens roaring. It was on its way to St. Joseph's I think. I said a prayer in my heart for the person and the family who is in such a delicate position that they had to come all that way to another city to get the care they need.

It just shows me the impermanence of life and that we should cherish our friends and family and live each day to the best of our ability.

On a happier note, I bumped into an acquaintance of mine on the street and we spent some time together. She is a very creative person and she took me to see her display at the Artist Studio on the St. Paul's property. She makes buttons and is a terrific photographer. She is self taught when it comes to both those crafts.

Today I had to renew my Seniors pass at the Go Station and so we walked over there together and shared a fruit drink. Lucky another friend of mine reminded me to do that, or otherwise I would not have been able to take the bus much longer.

In Hamilton the Seniors pass is only $18.00 a month and can be deducted from your bank account which is extremely handy! One has to give them $18.00 to activate the process each year. It is a real bargain!

While I was in the mall, I needed to get my watch battery changed. The price has gone up to $11.00 now but if you consider the fact that the battery lasts one year usually, it is still quite economical.

While I was in the jewelry store, I priced a lovely set, necklace and earrings. The beads were nice and it was long enough to go over my head. I find them the easiest to use especially for people with arthritis! I asked the price, and it was $300 plus tax for the set.

Needless to say, I said thank you and gave it back. It was very nice but not even Swarovski crystals!

Now, I plan to start to transplant my indoor plants and give them new earth. Poor little things have been sadly neglected by me sometimes as I am so busy with other things!

Oh, I forgot, I bumped into four other people in the Mall that I know and had a nice chat with them. One of the ladies had knee surgery six weeks ago, and she is now doing so well that she is using a walker and walking in the mall. However, she said she never wanted to have that operation again as the pain was unbearable and almost drove her mad. She remains on very strong pain medication.

I sure can relate to that! She is fortunate, she has a husband at home and he is retired so he can help her.

Other than that, there is nothing else new today. Must start on the re potting now!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A job well done

It can be very painstaking work to make jewelry but in the end when one sees the result, it is worth it.

I think a person who did not have a lot of patience would not do well with this detailed work.

I had a talk with my daughter this evening and she wants me to make her a bracelet of jewels for her Medic Alert information so when they come on the 22nd of May, I shall do it.

She wants it in pink as it matches her good outfit to go to church or elsewhere when she wants to dress up a little bit.

Since it is essential that it is extremely secure, I will do it myself but she can pick out the beads that she wants.

It will give her a lift and she will feel proud to wear such a beautiful bracelet.

I hope it is nice weather when they come so we also can get outside and perhaps to the waterfront!