Sunday, May 23, 2010

We had a lovely time together yesterday

The kids arrived a little after 12 noon from Kitchener and we went back to my place for lunch.

I actually had cooked! It is getting quite rare for me to cook although I do enjoy it if it is for company or for a party.

We had roast chicken, with roast potatoes,garlic and onions, rice and peas and, of course, home made bread! For desert, we had banana bread.

After lunch Anna wanted me to make her a pink coloured bracelet for when she goes out so I did with Czech firepolish beads. She loved it. I gave her the gift from Jennifer and she was so delighted. I just handed her the bag full of goodies and it wasn't until after they left when I was tidying up, that I noticed that she had not taken the necklace I had made for her nor the present from my friend Stella. I think she must have gotten so excited about Jennifer's gift and the binder I bought for her that she did not notice the other two things.

Oh well, they will come again in July so she can get it then.

We went over to Jackson's Square to the dollar store and then to the market. We bumped into three friends there just as we strolled around. Bojanna, Peter and Mohammad.

It was great to see all of them, and Mohammad and the kids seemed to hit it off quite well. Bojana remembered them from Whitehern last year so that was nice but Peter had never met them.

After a light supper, I walked them to the bus station and watched them board the bus and stayed until they were on their way.

It was very interesting to note some interaction between a young couple. The girl had come on the same bus as Anna and Bill from Kitchener. A young man was waiting for her here and to say the least, these two young people were delighted to see each other. I think that they must have clung to each other at least ten minutes before walking off.

As it happens, they did a repeat performance for the bus leaving early evening so I assume that they both live in different towns and don't see each other very often.

Both seemed like lovely young people.

All in all, a lovely day spent together and they will come again in July.

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