Monday, May 31, 2010

Weeping willow tree

On the nice days, such as today was, I take my chair, water, notebook and pen and go to one of my three favourite spots which is very reachable for me.

Today I sat under the weeping willow tree and wrote a short story about how a bench feels. Here is a picture of the willow tree. I love the sound of the rustling of the leaves with the gentle breeze that passes through it branches!

It was great fun for me to write the story of how a bench feels. Over the next few days, I will polish it up.

I sure hope the city keeps that little parkette open as it is a wonderful spot.

It started to look threatening so I hoped on the No. 7 and went sightseeing to the loop and then came back to downtown. It was interesting to go through Locke Street and see the shops and to see the greenery of the Loop. We only stopped for a few minutes there.

A few years back, I took a walk through that walkway and enjoyed it so perhaps one day I will do it again.

It was another very nice day and now all I have left to do is ice the cake I made this morning and put it in the frig. A friend of mine is coming for a short visit tomorrow.

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