Saturday, May 1, 2010

A job well done

It can be very painstaking work to make jewelry but in the end when one sees the result, it is worth it.

I think a person who did not have a lot of patience would not do well with this detailed work.

I had a talk with my daughter this evening and she wants me to make her a bracelet of jewels for her Medic Alert information so when they come on the 22nd of May, I shall do it.

She wants it in pink as it matches her good outfit to go to church or elsewhere when she wants to dress up a little bit.

Since it is essential that it is extremely secure, I will do it myself but she can pick out the beads that she wants.

It will give her a lift and she will feel proud to wear such a beautiful bracelet.

I hope it is nice weather when they come so we also can get outside and perhaps to the waterfront!

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