Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brr, the weather has turned quite a lot cooler

I had an appointment in the mall today at noon and fortunately I wore my jacket as it was quite chilly out there!

Tonight is Open Mic at Poetry Center and if Alvarro calls to offer me a ride, I will go and read one or two of my poems just to keep my hand in.

I really miss Central Library as they have such a nice auditorium where we can read our work. Ah well, it won't be long now before the renovations are complete.

I also like being able just to walk over to the Library and not have to depend on somebody else to offer me a ride. I don't like to go out at night by myself, especially all the way to Westdale.

I heard a bunch of chanting outside and looked out the window and saw that many people dressed in white medical coats were banding together and chanting. I wish I could have heard what they said. It was too far for me to read their sign.

They came from the direction of St. Joe's.

Ah well, it might be on the news tonight. I wonder how our friendly neighbourhood alligator is doing as well....

Have a good day.

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