Sunday, May 30, 2010

Princess Point 2010

Interesting views of different parts of Princess Point in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. May 2010.

I particularly liked how a green plant was growing out of this tree stump - shows how life goes on in spite of death.

I just loved the wild roses plus all the other kinds of plants.

A view from the bridge. Ducks on the water.

What a lovely time I had in the late afternoon, both in taking the bus to Princess Point as well as walking the trail and setting my umbrella chair up under the shade of a lovely old tree.

Many of the people I met walking on the trail were friendly and returned my smile. Some were not - I guess that they were afraid to meet a stranger. I don't think I look too threatening though!
I wonder if more people smiled at each other and took the time to say hello, wouldn't it be a nicer place to live? Also good exercise for the facial muscles!

Along the trail, I saw wild roses blooming, heard birds chirping and roller bladers doing their own special thing, as well as dog walkers, couples on bikes and couples pulling carts with children in it. It is such a pleasure for me to see how well used that section of the park is by families and young courting couples.

I even saw an older couple walking hand in hand which I found lovely. Love and affection is not just for the young but for all ages.

I wrote a little poem when I was down there about fishing and nature. I had chosen a perfect spot to sit.

The little train is now running and it has gone up in price to $5.00 which is too bad. I will take it once this year instead of several times as I love that run and see so much of the different sides of the park that I normally could not see.

I took the city bus home and enjoyed the lovely route it takes through Aberdeen. It surely is a beautiful area with stately homes and some nice gardens.

Andrew and Rahell brought up my big bag of flour which they had so kindly picked up for me when they went grocery shopping. We had herbal tea together and had a lovely chat.
Andrew will be preaching in Caledonia today. They are such a lovely couple and I really like her, the more I see her.

I was so honoured to be invited to their wedding. I was the only one attending from the building which made it a double honour!

All in all, a wonderful day!


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