Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The funeral was today

St. John's was packed to the rim and people even had to sit upstairs where the choir sits. It just shows how much esteem Arthur was held in.

Many people came from Wellingstone Retirement Community, as well as people from the church family and other folk I did not know.

Erich, Arthur's younger brother, brought the message. Pastor Frank officiated and members of the family spoke in turn about their Dad and Grandfather and how he influenced their lives.

It was a very moving time with the choir singing "Peace, Be With You" by Mary McDonald and "Ave Verum" by W.A. Mozart. Erich's topic was on Arthur's Confirmation Verse, which was "Fight the good fight of faith, 1. Timothy, chapter 6, vs. 12.

Their Dad was a pastor in Yugoslavia, Austria and finally in Canada at St. John's, and their Dad picked this verse out specifically for Arthur wanting him to learn to channel his energies into something constructive which would stand him in good stead all of his life.

Erich brought forth a few memories of when Arthur was a boy and getting into scraps with his older brother. It made the assembled guests laugh as they saw how Arthur had matured in a positive way.

Waltrault (Arthur's wife of 47 years) had her favourite hymn in the service "I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry".

It was grand to hear of the boy Arthur, the husband, the father, the grandfather, the churchman, the teacher, the friend.

After the service, many people went out for the service at the burial ground but I stayed behind and waited for them to return. As is usual, the ladies of the Women's group had outdone themselves with the preparation of the scrumptious feast.

It went on until almost 5:30 with people lingering even after that.

It must have been a real comfort for the family to know how much of a good influence Arthur had not only on his own family but on his church and school family as well.

Arthur Weingartner - 1938-2010 (Mother's Day)

A friend sent me a part of a Jewish prayer which I thought was so appropriate and with her permission I am putting it in here.

"MAY HIS MEMORY BE A BLESSING." Truly Arthur's memory will be a blessing and a comfort to all those who knew him.

On the Order of Service these words were printed as well. "Be still and know that I am God". Psalm 46, vs. 10.

Arthur's whole life was spent in service to God and to man. What better thing could be said for any person?


princess-anna said...

hi mom that is a very nice thing that a lot of people came to the service and it does show how much of an influence he had on mankind and his friends and family

annaken said...

Yes it does, Princess-Anna. Thank you for leaving a comment.

Detail Boi said...

What a beautiful description, thank you for posting it. It was wonderful to see so many people sharing in the celebration of my uncle's life. He was a wonderful man, who will be missed. But it brings peace to the whole family to know we are joined by so many people in remembering him.

Peter Arth.

annaken said...

Thank you Peter for writing that comment on my blog. Yes, Arthur will be very much missed.

My condolences to you as well.