Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful walk this afternoon

What gorgeous weather we had today. About 3:30 I decided to go for a walk so I walked over to Whitehern and sat watching the nursery school children play in the garden with their teachers. I really enjoyed that as some of the children talked to me briefly.

After that, I met two ladies in the garden and we chatted a little then we all went on our separate ways. I walked up to Bay and Hunter and sat in the small park where the monument is. It was nice and shady and the same two ladies came by and we chatted so more. One of the ladies lives in the Fontainbleu apartments and she said they are very nice.

I then met a young lady who was studying for her Board tests in order to be registered as a nurse. We had a delightful talk and even talked about God. Her Mom had her little girl and she was waiting for her to bring her back.

The two ladies told me how much improved city hall was and that I should take a look so I walked back that way. It is now more accessible.

I read a poetry book while I was at Whitehern and then read a political book on Pakistan and Iran.

A most enjoyable time!

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