Friday, May 28, 2010

Time at Gore Park

The weather was so nice today with a lovely breeze so after going shopping at Jackson's Square, I decided to sit out and read at Gore Park. I shall be glad when they make it more into a real park, hopefully with more benches in the shade.

I saw the Sudanese gentlemen sitting and chatting harmoniously with each other. They seem to have made quite a few friends even among the Canadian people which is great.

It was interesting to see that one of the gentlemen was brought to Jackson's Square middle entrance and let off there by his son or grandson. I suppose he went into the mall but when I came back from shopping, I shall him sitting with the Sudanese people.

I know they are Sudanese because of my friend Mohammad as he knows them as well. Most of them are in their late sixties or early seventies I would think, but there are also some young ones as well.

It is so nice that they can get together and speak their own language which is Arabic.

After a while, two young girls came to sit beside me and they smoked and blew smoke my way which I did not appreciate. I was not overly impressed with their talk or behaviour either! I know that times have changed, but in this case, it sure is not for the better! What language!

A young black man came to sit with them and it was obvious that they all knew each other.

I will not repeat what they talked about but needless to say, if I were that young man's mother, I would not want those girls near him!

Oh well, one must try and be tolerant but it sure is hard when people blow smoke in your face!


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