Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The visitation

I have never seen so many people come out for one single person. It just shows what love and affection people had for Arthur and his whole family.

They had a show on a screen which showed Arthur's young life and then his more mature life. It was wonderful to see his Mom and Dad. His Mom is now 99 years old, his father passed away quite some time ago. His Dad was a Lutheran Pastor in Europe as well as in Hamilton.

So many people were there from St. John's, it was amazing. Some people think that Germans are not emotional people but if you could see the love and affection that was shown to this family, you would never think that again.

The funeral home was way out on Highway 53 so I went up by bus to Rosie's and then Denise and Lester picked me up after work and drove me there. Rosie had to wait for Ron and Nieta to come from Kitchener.

Rosie and I had a nice little visit but she had to wait for the Kitchener family so I went with the young people.

I finally met Erich, the brother. He lives in North Bay and will be taking part in the funeral tomorrow. His Mom gave me one of his books years ago. I must dig it out and read it again. It was on human rights, a subject very dear to me.

It was a celebration of Arthur's life with pictures everywhere. Many flowers were sent as well. The family would like donations made to St. John's as they are so very involved there as was Arthur. Arthur held many posts in that church over the years and was a backbone and well liked and respected by all.

Tomorrow will be another day of feeling sad and yet glad, that Arthur's pain is no longer there and that he is in the loving hands of God. Cancer is a terrible disease.

His Mom has family staying with her. I doubt that she will be able to come for the funeral. They are very nice at the Long-Term Care facility and I like it there. I have visited her there and now I have another friend living there so I will go and visit both of them this summer.

It is so very sad when a parent outlives the child, no matter what age the person is.
Arthur was 72. His mother is 99.

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