Thursday, May 27, 2010

A lovely time at Vintage tea room

Each of the girls had their own teapots. This is what they look like. I did see other teapots of different shapes on other tables though. They could have refills of the water as much as they wanted
Anita, Grace, Wilma - it is a delightful place to go and the food was delicious. Even on a week day there were quite a few people there.

Yummy carrot cake and my coffee pot.

We always get along so well and it was a pleasure to go out with them after a long time.

Two of my friends and I treated ourselves to a meal at the Vintage tea room on Locke Street. It is as lovely as I remember it. I have not been there for at least two, maybe three years.

The food was delicious and they did not rush us which is something I appreciate.

Anita, Grace and I had a lovely visit and then Anita and I went along the street to look at the shops. There now is a handcrafted store there from developing countries called Ten Thousand Villages. This is a programme of the Mennonite Central Committee. I had only been to the one in Waterloo so I am very glad to see that there is one in Hamilton now.
I saw some lovely items there. If I have visitors from out of town, I may take them to Locke Street and show them around.

We had a lovely visit and I have invited them to come to Artword/Artbar for the 16th of June at 7:30 to hear some of the readings. They are looking forward to it, as is my friend Irene.

All in all, a very nice day and my groceries should be arriving any time now and I will be set for a month of the basic necessities.
Carol, my shopping lady brought my groceries. She could not find any Washing Soda which is a shame but perhaps next time. It is so great to put with regular washing powder. It really gets things clean and smelling nice.
I like Carol, she does a real good job and on top of it, is a very nice lady.
Unfortunately, she only bought a small bag of flour, so I will not cancel the request to Andrew for them to pick it up once they go grocery shopping. I will also ask them if they could get some washing power as I think they may go to the more expensive grocery stores.

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