Thursday, May 13, 2010

An afternoon spent with Poets over 70

A smaller window hanging.
A window decoration I made for Jody.

Ava and I. I have never seen such a small dog and she is not supposed to grow much bigger. She is a very loving little thing and we took to each other right away.

What a delightful time was had at Poet's over 70 book launch today. It was held in the Westdale Library and the room was packed.

This was a joint programme by McMaster University Gerintology Department and Tower Poetry Society. Prof. Ellen Ryan and Marianne Vesprey were the ones who co-ordinated this lovely book.

There was an amazing amount of poetry sent in which was quite a surprise. I had no idea so many people over 70 wrote and it was most gratifying to see that.

If I am not mistake, there was over 400 poems chosen for the book.

During the course of the afternoon, light refreshments were served.

The one time I wasn't going home right away, I got three offers of rides! However, I had promised to go for supper to my friend Jody's which is very close to the library.

We had a lovely meal together and I met her new dog, and of course, Oliver the cat whom I have known a few years now. Oliver still does not like me so we avoid each other as much as possible.

However, little Ava just snuggled up to me. She is the cutest little dog I have ever seen. I think she is a Maltese.

Jody had a meeting at her school so she dropped me off at home. All in all, a very nice afternoon.

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