Sunday, August 24, 2014

80th Birthday celebration

What a splendid occasion it was in the church hall today.  It was Rona's 80th birthday and there were two cakes involved.

The hall was crowded which was great and it was nice to see people again.

The two different cakes

Carmen, Rona and Wally

The birthday girl

Theresa and Ernie

Theresa and Ernie had wanted me to take a picture of them with Rona, but unfortunately they slipped away before I remembered and I missed the opportunity.

Rona is one of my first friends here in Hamilton and I appreciate her so much.  

Thanks for dropping by.


What a nice, spacious apartment she lives in.  I was honoured to be invited, along with Sarah, to her place for supper.

Her view is interesting as she overlooks the business end of the Hamilton Harbour.

Our hostess was most gracious to us and made us feel welcome.  A friend of her's dropped in and we all had a good time just chatting away.

We had some laughs, ate to our full and enjoyed a few hours together.

The hostess with the mostest!

She is not too far from downtown and we were able to get the bus within a few minutes which was great.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Canada's tax-deductible support for Israel's crimes

Canada's tax-deductible support for Israel's crimes

An interesting read for those who want to learn more about the politics behind the scenes.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time well spent at Bayfront Park

On this section, we could see more sail boats than anything else.

Curious to know why I took a picture of a hole?  There was the cutest little fellow who scurried in there when he saw us but he refused to go out again. while we were there.  Can't say I blame him, three giants who he doesn't know!

A wonderful idea was presented to me by my friend Eric.  Instead of doing the ironing, which I actually dug out to start on, he suggested that the three of us, himself, Frances and me go down to Bayfront Park.  Being the adventurous type that I am, I much would prefer to spend time with friends at the waterfront than iron.  My rationale was that the ironing has sat there for so long, so why not a little longer and I scurried around changing the cat's basket and getting prepared to go out.

Frances and I had seen each other from afar and waved when she was dropping our friend Eric off but this was the first time we had the opportunity to really talk and spend quality time together.

It was fantastic that she could fit my walker into her car and we headed down to Bayfront Park to get a Locke Street bagel from the truck there.

I haven't had one for years and really enjoyed it.  We made little stops to rest along the way but we walked a lot and really enjoyed the ambience and the sights of Bayfront Park. I particularly enjoyed the company and we all got along very well.

The Locke Street bagel truck at Bayfront Park

The place where boats are launched

We spent a long time here watching so many cars bringing their boats down to the edge and everybody seemed very experienced in what they did and there were no unexpected surprises such as a car going in too far.  There was one car whose back bunker went in but he was able to drive it out after which was fortunate.  It was very interesting looking at all the boats and the people.  Two dogs in life jackets were in a small boat, I cannot remember if it was a canoe or not, and I did wonder at the time why they needed life jackets as dogs can swim.  One dog was happy to go into the boat while the other fellow kind of hesitated and had to be coaxed into the boat.  Once they were there, everything was fine and off they went to enjoy a ride on Lake Ontario.

A side view of the same launch pad

One of the very nice things about Bayfront Park is that there are lots of picnic tables and benches where people can sit.  We had a wonderful view of the launching pad as we sat at one of the many picnic tables and chatted while watching the activities going on.

A lone picnicker sitting under a weeping willow tree
I love weeping willow trees and once wrote a story about one in Downsview Park.  It was great fun for me to write it.  I must dig it out and do revisions on it.

Part of the paved path along our walk
Ah the beach for swimming on good days
Eric called the line to see if it was safe to swim in for humans and it was.  At the time we were there, there was a dog and his mistress playing toss and fetch and it was great fun to see him play and enjoy swimming.

along the way

A lovely old tree on the path

Eric took this picture of me with his cell phone
Eric & Frances - good buddies

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope you enjoyed the visit to Bayfront Park here in Hamilton, Ontario.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wednesday at Whitehern Concert

My friend from Holland came to pick me up at home.  I had gotten up very late and was not ready so I gave her a cup of coffee while I went to dress.

It was Kaz Simaitis  and Adam Disminic and they played some wonderful classical music.  I was so thrilled to hear Classical music for a lovely change in the garden.

Kaz played the guitar and Adam played the violin.  It was heavenly and the weather was perfect.

They were both excellent musicians.  Our usual crowd was not there, just Grace, Jeff and Andre.

Left to right   Adam Disminic,  Kaz Simaitis

Karina from Holland,kGrace and Jeff

Me with the hat and Grace

The artists

Katrina - with the flock flower in the garden

It was a very pleasant time in the garden as it was not too hot, but rather cool.  I was in my element.

Peggy, our regular dancer each Wednesday

Me, pictured with the Flock flowers which I just love.

Karina, admiring the little apple tree in the garden
We parted ways as she needed to go back on the bus to the mountain.  It was her last full day in Hamilton.  I shall look forward to seeing her again next year.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Go to Gaza, see for yourself - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz

Go to Gaza, see for yourself - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz

A very excellent and fair article.

A lovely visit with my daughter and son-in-law

We couldn't have had nicer weather to go down to Pier 8 and to take the little train along the waterfront.  We had a wonderful tour guide and she was so full of knowledge and added a great deal to the tour.

There were so many people down at Pier 8, fire trucks were there, St. John's Ambulance and at first I was puzzled as I had not remembered that it was the fishing derby on that day!

From what I understand, they were giving out free fishing rods to 100 children.

I took this shot with the fire truck in the background - most unusual to see that

It was also nice to see the little boys climbing that dear old tree.  In the distance you can see a busker on the right hand side.  He was good.  He played the guitar as well as the mouth organ and sang.

Anna and Bill 

The usual tourist pose - near the two statues  (Bill)

Anna - sitting on her walker

The "kids" took the 8:30 bus from Kitchener and then arrived here a little after 10 a.m.  For some reason, the company has taken out the 6:30 bus on the schedule so in order to have a little bit of time together to do something, they came earlier than 12 noon which worked out just fine.

They did not have time for breakfast before leaving so I made them some food and then we took the shuttle bus to the waterfront.  We took lots of pictures and the trolley ride was leaving at 12 noon so we didn't do much walking at Pier 8 before the ride.

They just loved Pier 8 and all the activities going on.

A view of one of the fire trucks. Children were allowed to climb into the cab of it.  The firemen were great with the children.  It was such a pleasure to see.  We were already inside the trolley when this picture was taken.

Bill and the big boat 

On the tour - Caribanna was just at the beginning stages - the people would come later. It was around Pier 4 I think.

Bayfront Park entrance

Bayfront Park - entrance

A small glimpse of Bayfront Park
This spot is so special to me as my Danish friend Margaret and my Salvadorian friends, Sonia and Rene and I used to celebrate my birthday down here at those tables.  Special memories for me.  They used to drive here once a year in July.  Now, alas, it is no longer possible due to age and infirmity.  I miss that togetherness and sharing done at the picnic.

At Williams Coffee Pub eating a late lunch

Bill and Boots - best buddies

the bus going back to Kitchener

In the line up to go to Kitchener

The driver put her walker in the storage area

They sat in the first seat, near the driver

It was a beautiful day with lots of exciting things to do.   We bumped into Mohammed on our way back to the bus station 
but could not stop and talk as we only had a few minutes to get there before the bus left.

All in all, a wonderful day together.