Sunday, August 24, 2014

80th Birthday celebration

What a splendid occasion it was in the church hall today.  It was Rona's 80th birthday and there were two cakes involved.

The hall was crowded which was great and it was nice to see people again.

The two different cakes

Carmen, Rona and Wally

The birthday girl

Theresa and Ernie

Theresa and Ernie had wanted me to take a picture of them with Rona, but unfortunately they slipped away before I remembered and I missed the opportunity.

Rona is one of my first friends here in Hamilton and I appreciate her so much.  

Thanks for dropping by.

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princess-anna said...

That is such a nice event to celebrate her 80th birthday and I bet she must be so happy and blessed. It is so special that the people made it a good celebration for her