Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time well spent at Bayfront Park

On this section, we could see more sail boats than anything else.

Curious to know why I took a picture of a hole?  There was the cutest little fellow who scurried in there when he saw us but he refused to go out again. while we were there.  Can't say I blame him, three giants who he doesn't know!

A wonderful idea was presented to me by my friend Eric.  Instead of doing the ironing, which I actually dug out to start on, he suggested that the three of us, himself, Frances and me go down to Bayfront Park.  Being the adventurous type that I am, I much would prefer to spend time with friends at the waterfront than iron.  My rationale was that the ironing has sat there for so long, so why not a little longer and I scurried around changing the cat's basket and getting prepared to go out.

Frances and I had seen each other from afar and waved when she was dropping our friend Eric off but this was the first time we had the opportunity to really talk and spend quality time together.

It was fantastic that she could fit my walker into her car and we headed down to Bayfront Park to get a Locke Street bagel from the truck there.

I haven't had one for years and really enjoyed it.  We made little stops to rest along the way but we walked a lot and really enjoyed the ambience and the sights of Bayfront Park. I particularly enjoyed the company and we all got along very well.

The Locke Street bagel truck at Bayfront Park

The place where boats are launched

We spent a long time here watching so many cars bringing their boats down to the edge and everybody seemed very experienced in what they did and there were no unexpected surprises such as a car going in too far.  There was one car whose back bunker went in but he was able to drive it out after which was fortunate.  It was very interesting looking at all the boats and the people.  Two dogs in life jackets were in a small boat, I cannot remember if it was a canoe or not, and I did wonder at the time why they needed life jackets as dogs can swim.  One dog was happy to go into the boat while the other fellow kind of hesitated and had to be coaxed into the boat.  Once they were there, everything was fine and off they went to enjoy a ride on Lake Ontario.

A side view of the same launch pad

One of the very nice things about Bayfront Park is that there are lots of picnic tables and benches where people can sit.  We had a wonderful view of the launching pad as we sat at one of the many picnic tables and chatted while watching the activities going on.

A lone picnicker sitting under a weeping willow tree
I love weeping willow trees and once wrote a story about one in Downsview Park.  It was great fun for me to write it.  I must dig it out and do revisions on it.

Part of the paved path along our walk
Ah the beach for swimming on good days
Eric called the line to see if it was safe to swim in for humans and it was.  At the time we were there, there was a dog and his mistress playing toss and fetch and it was great fun to see him play and enjoy swimming.

along the way

A lovely old tree on the path

Eric took this picture of me with his cell phone
Eric & Frances - good buddies

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope you enjoyed the visit to Bayfront Park here in Hamilton, Ontario.

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