Saturday, August 2, 2014


I love this tree and took several shots of it through our window

The aquarium in the lobby of the restaurant

Another part of the aquarium. The white things are living coal
My friend Stella picked me up a little before 11 a.m. and we drove to Burlington.  Fortunately, we did not need to go near the Skyway Bridge which is out of commission for a few days due to an unfortunate accident.

From the pictures on the news, it looks badly damaged so it might take longer than anticipated to get it stable again.

We went on the highway and made good time.  There were very few people in the restaurant when we arrived which was great.  We spent a couple of hours just chatting and enjoying the food.

Stella - this is the best of the to photos I took

After our wonderful dinner, we drove over to another mall and went to Michael's.  The last time I was at Michael's was with Stella a year ago.  What an interesting store to go to.  I picked up only one thing, a pad to write on with magnets on the back for the frig.  It said half price and the price was $3.00 so I figured it was worth it as it had a pen with it as well.

When I got to the front to pay for it, it turned out there were further reductions and I paid only 20 cents plus 5 cents tax.

Cannot beat that price!

Stella had not finished her shopping so I asked the clerk to page her to tell her that I would wait for her at the front of the store where the bench is.  

I had a great time people watching while I was waiting for her.  She drove me home and after that I needed to borrow more books from the library as it is closed on Monday due to the civic holiday and I only had two books left.  I am three quarters through with the one book and neither of them are very thick so I don't want to be without something to read!

All in all a good day, thanks to Stella.

Thanks for dropping by.

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