Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Plant time

I have finally almost finished looking after my many plants.  Some are so heavy that I cannot lift them but did what I could for them.

I love plants but every once in a while, they need specific care and this was their time for it.

Now starts the clean up in the kitchen.  Earth everywhere and clippings.  Have many clippings from the mother plants and hope I can find a home for some of them.

The Moses in the Cradle plant has done so well and I have so many pots of it around.

I also have been enjoying Miss Marple on DVD in between the work.  My friend Kevin took all my VCR's of Miss Marple, Poirot and several others I just love, and made DVD's for me.

I've had some nice news - three of my poems will be in The Thistle book put out by the Ontario Poetry Society.  I have sent them in to the publisher now and will look forward to seeing them come into print.

I have to also send in submissions for Tower Poetry's book and see if any of them will be accepted and one for TOPS.  The TOPS one is to be either on poetry or politics.  I think I will write about politics.

I have been at home for the last three days - taking a break from too much busyness outside.

The weather seems to becoming nicer right now so may head to the waterfront at some point.

My son-in-law and daughter will be coming for a nice visit this weekend so that will be great.

Thanks for dropping  by and have a good day.

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