Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wednesday at Whitehern Concert

My friend from Holland came to pick me up at home.  I had gotten up very late and was not ready so I gave her a cup of coffee while I went to dress.

It was Kaz Simaitis  and Adam Disminic and they played some wonderful classical music.  I was so thrilled to hear Classical music for a lovely change in the garden.

Kaz played the guitar and Adam played the violin.  It was heavenly and the weather was perfect.

They were both excellent musicians.  Our usual crowd was not there, just Grace, Jeff and Andre.

Left to right   Adam Disminic,  Kaz Simaitis

Karina from Holland,kGrace and Jeff

Me with the hat and Grace

The artists

Katrina - with the flock flower in the garden

It was a very pleasant time in the garden as it was not too hot, but rather cool.  I was in my element.

Peggy, our regular dancer each Wednesday

Me, pictured with the Flock flowers which I just love.

Karina, admiring the little apple tree in the garden
We parted ways as she needed to go back on the bus to the mountain.  It was her last full day in Hamilton.  I shall look forward to seeing her again next year.

Thanks for dropping by.

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