Thursday, September 4, 2014

I haven't written anything for a few days

All is well here, I have just been busy with other things.  The last few days at Pier 8 with Mohammed and Sami, Sarah and I and the last few days of the wonderful shuttle bus.

Here are a few shots from that time.

The Hamiltonian tour boat coming to the aid of the big boat

It is interesting to note that along the edge of the peer, there is a rusted metal, fairly wide wedge to step on.  The big boat, had engine troubles and the little Hamiltonian boat came to help them.  They were unable to go out on the planned tour due to this problem.  I believe that the people got part of their money back if not all.

Hamilton Harbour Queen

I have been on this boat three times, if I am remembering correctly.  It is very nice but on the expensive side as it includes lunch or supper plus I think almost an hour and a half tour of the surrounding area.  I personally prefer the little Hamiltonian as one is closer to the water with its waves!

As a child, I used to row my little row boat out to meet the big steamers on the St. Lawrence River and waved to the sailors as I met the waves head on .  It was so fun and so enjoyable to me.

The little row boat was my favourite.  We had a big motor boat as well as a long six seater row boat and a canoe and later on a yacht but I still preferred my little row boat!

Some of my fondest memories are going with our family across the St. Lawrence River to a little tiny island where the waves lapped over the green mossy rocks.  I think this was my most favourite spot in the world at this time.

Hamilton, and it's waterfront, reminds me so much of my home town, being on Lac St. Louis and our other home in the country which was on the St. Lawrence River.

Speaking of Hamilton, the shuttle bus had it's last ride at 9 p.m. on Labour Day until July 2015.  It was a sad day for me as I was down there so much this summer with friends just sitting, laughing, reading, chatting and enjoying watching people and the many yachts, boats and other water vehicles as well.

The good thing is that the Hamilton Street Railway has now extended the airport bus No. 20 to go down to Pier 8, and I can get it at John and Jackson which is abit of a walk but with my walker, I can do it.

Sami, enjoying the laughter and companionship at Pier 8

The sunsets at Pier 8 are indescribably beautiful.  I saw one that almost brought me to tears but unfortunately I did not have my camera with me.  My camera is a nice one, but it could not have done justice to the sunset over the water.

The only unfortunate part of Pier 8 is that there is very little shade so during the heat of the day, it is not possible to go down there for me at least.

In a few more days, I will start going down to my other favourite spot and take lots of pictures there.

I also hope to take some pictures of a famous garden here within a few days and post them.

I may even go and take some pictures of statues at another location.

We'll see.  The temperature is too hot for me - tomorrow will be 100 degrees F.

On another note, this week I was invited to Ken and Jody's place for a BBQ but it rained so instead we all enjoyed Chinese food and chatted.  Jody was here just for a short while.  She is looking well.

Ava, the dog, growled at me but then remembered me and was all right.

A picture of contentment - note Ava sitting between them on the top of the sofa

We had a lovely visit and I took the 7:15 bus back to down town.

Thanks for dropping by.

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