Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Princess Point with Kevin

Yesterday was fine weather and my friend Kevin and I decided to go to Princess Point.  He is on his holidays right now.

Naturally we took the No. 6 Aberdeen bus right into the park.  This area is managed by the Royal Botanical Gardens and is much wilder than the other areas on the waterfront.  That is why I like it so much.

The paved walkway. 

On this side, there are many runners, dog walkers, parents with baby carriages and it is more suitable for people with walkers or wheelchairs.

I like this little wooden bridge.

We stayed on this side for a couple of hours as I wanted to see the very spot where the artist painted her picture.  I have often brought a little chair down and sat in that spot myself just to relax and enjoy the water and the birds and the occasional fish which leaps out of the water momentarily.

This is the spot where the old wharf used to be.

They have demolished the old wharf and moved it a little further down and put some benches to sit to enjoy the scenery.

It is almost the same scene but a little further down than the painting.

We talked of many things as we are old friends and get along very well.  I cannot seem to get my female friends to go down to the water much.  One of my friends will go to Pier 8 but she doesn't like to go to Princess Point as I imagine she thinks it is a little too wild.

Birds of a feather flock together


Lots of greenery still

All in all, a wonderful day spent with a nice person at Princess Point.

Thanks for dropping by.

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princess-anna said...

that looks beautiful all the flowers and the water. love the pictures mom