Monday, September 8, 2014

Picnic at Grief Hill

Another peaceful spot

I love evergreen trees - a close up of a branch

I assume this is a pipe for run off water from the rains

Wild mushrooms growing off the wood?

The shadow - taking the flowers in front of the House of Ruth

The welcome sign

the front door of the House of Ruth
Carmen and Wally picked me up at the back door and from there we drove to Grief Hill.

We arrived too early so we spent some lovely time at the House of Ruth where I took some pictures of the surrounding woods.

I really liked that area as it was wooded and away from other places.  Just my cup of tea, so to speak!

Here are some shots of the area.

At the House of|Ruth while we were waiting

Love the birch bark trees

Can't you imagine walking peacefully in these shaded woods?

A picnic table in the sun

My young friends, Carmen and Wally

I walked around the property there and took other shots as well.  I actually liked this area better than where we had booked.

We always go to the same spot and there is room for football or baseball games in this spot for the children.  Wally suggested a water balloon fight but most of us declined even though the weather was warm.

Here is the lodge we booked.

There definitely is more space here for a BBQ and races and the lodge itself is spacious and roomy even with two bathrooms and a shower for those who want to rent it overnight.

I had brought my Turkish apple tea which everybody loved last year so I made a pot of it while others were hiking out of doors and then made another pot for the people who were returning.

As my contribution to the feast, I also had made couscous salad.

Among the dishes we enjoyed, was meatballs in sauce, two or three types of salads, BBQ hotdogs, potato chips and for desert we had peacan pie, chocolate cake and chocolate cheese cake.

Of course, there was coffee and tea whenever anybody wanted it.

All in all a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

Thanks for dropping by.

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