Thursday, September 18, 2014

Choosing a painting or a picture at Carnegie Gallery

Today was a great day, not only weather wise but poking around the Carnegie Gallery to choose a picture to write a poem about.

It was so nice that Jennifer and I could go together as it made it so much more fun.  I have always had to go alone and it was wonderful to have company.

We made a good day of it.  I picked two pictures to write about and Jennifer picked one.  I met the artist whose picture I chose and she will send me some more information on the area as I did not know that place at all.  I really liked her and we had a most pleasant time talking.  She was a very interesting lady to talk to.  I also picked another picture of my favourite place in Hamilton, Princess Point.

It is amazing how many people drop into the gallery- it seems to be very popular.  The staff there are great, one of the regular gals remembered me which was nice of her.

We decided to have lunch at Taylor's tea room after choosing the pictures.  Here are some photos of that lovely time together.

Our table - tea anybody?

Observe the cute tea pot cover 

Me, enjoying our time together

Jennifer (right) me - left - look at the yummy cake as well

We won't need to eat for quite some time now!  The cake was to die for!

A very cute saying on the tea room sign.

That sign made me remember how a poet friend of mine called the hand crocheted hats I made for myself for winter -  tea cozzies.  It always made me laugh. I just loved it and they sure kept me nice and warm and cozy even in the cold winter!  Speaking of the cold coming, I must start to bring out my lighter crocheted hats to be prepared.

We took our time at Taylor's and had a lovely conversation. Nobody rushed us even though it was crowded there.  We had a seat by the window as I always like to see what is going on outside.  There was a nice lady walking her adorable little dog with a cute flower on her leash. I had seen her sitting on the stairs at the Carnegie Gallery and said hello to her and the dog.

Another much larger dog (a bulldog I think) was walking his human (joke here) past the window and they both seemed to be enjoying their daily constitution!  We  arrived at Taylor's tea room at a perfect time and were able to get a window seat which was great.  They now have a Sunday afternoon tea which sounds very lovely to me.  Perhaps one day I shall go for that as well.

After lunch, we walked over to the Keeping Shop and looked at the fantastic array of things they carry.

Here is a picture of their mascot.

I like this fellow - he is friendly and does not harm anybody!

We also went to the Dundas Library.  I had never been in there before so it was a nice experience for me.  They do have a wheelchair accessible entrance on the side which we can use another time.

Here are some shots of the gorgeous flowers near the library.

Dundas is such a pretty place to visit. I have friends who live in Dundas and they like it there.  The only problem with the area is the bus service which is only every half hour during the week. On the weekends it is every hour.  One would need a car if one wanted to live there.

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you have the time.

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