Friday, September 19, 2014

Tea at the club

In spite of the fact I only got four hours sleep early this morning, I really enjoyed having Daniela and Thomas as guests at the club.  We went for tea and spent about two hours together.

They are a delightful couple and I enjoyed getting together with them very much.  I was a little nervous whether we could find enough things in common to talk about as we didn't know each other very well,  This was a relaxing opportunity to remedy this situation.

As usual the staff were wonderful and arranged the chairs around the fireplace.  It is such a relaxing spot there.  It is my dear little gal's last day to work at the club.  I shall miss her very much.

She will be working in Europe for about a year.

After tea, I took them for a tour of the art work of the club and they really seemed to enjoy that.  They both are heavily into art.

All in all, a lovely afternoon spent in a delightful way.

My pot and cup of herbal tea

Daniela & Thomas and me

Thomas & Daniela

New window boxes at the club

The much improved garden

Another shot of another window box and section of the garden

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.

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