Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tutor talk at the library

Each tutor was invited to present three pictures of holiday spots this summer and write a short blurb and present it.

Princess Point is one of my favourite places so I chose pictures from my last time there.

Here is my topic and I will try and find the pictures to show you as well.  Unfortunately, I could not copy them onto the blog from the CD so we are out of luck.

It will be delivered somewhere in the middle of the month in the evening.

A Magic Spot

Once upon a time, not too long ago in fact, there was and still is, a magic spot where weary, work- worn people can come to rest, rejuvenate and to drink in the wonders of nature.

A place where you can see deers at dusk, rabbits hiding in the thicket, swans and Canada Geese paddling in the water or parading on land.

A well worn path meanders through the more wild side.  Eager hikers follow the trails,  see the wild flowers, hug the stately old trees and drink in the fragrance all around them.

Logs and carved log benches along the way allow weary people a chance to rest and to meditate beside the water.

Swans swim, ducks thrust their heads underwater, and some waddle up to inspect the humans!

A long canoe, paddled by two, slides effortlessly through the calm waters of Lake Ontario. A peaceful scene.
Where is this spot?  Can it be in Hamilton?  

To answer that question, the answer is yes.  To get there, one can drive to Princess Point and  parking is available for a fee.  In my opinion, the best way is to take the Aberdeen bus #6 which takes people right into Princess Point.  It runs every half hour up until 6 p.m. and then it runs every hour.

Hamilton, my chosen city, has wonderful spots by the waterfront, sparkling waterfalls and many interesting urban scenes.  A good place to live, a fantastic place to explore.

Thank you.

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