Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our first meeting for this season for Tower

I must say that taking the bus out to Westdale Library for the meeting is not looking very attractive to me as the weather gets colder.

Not only does one have to wait a long period of time, but when it finally comes, it is jam packed!

If I didn't like this group so much, I would not go but I like the people and many of them have become friends.

In the winter months, I may consider taking DARTS.

There were a great many people at the meeting today.  Perhaps the biggest crowd I have seen there in a very long time.  It was good to see.

The regular critiquing was done of each poet's work plus we had a writing exercise and a short snack time.

I was so pleased to see my friend Jennifer join and she very graciously offered me a ride home.

It was nice to be back into regular routine again.In the summer I took a real break and just enjoyed the many different activities I could do with my friends.

In poetry, everybody has a different style.  My own personal preference in poetry is still narrative or prose poetry, as it is more like writing a story which I prefer doing.

It was a very productive afternoon.  I had some good suggestions on my poem about the bird-like woman and will make those amendments in a few days time.

It is an actual story made into a prose poem.  Lately, I have been reflecting on so many things in the past (part of getting older I guess) and memories are flooding back and I either write them into a poem or a short story.

My whole aim of writing is so simple really.  To bring comfort to the sorrowing, to the lonely, to stressed out people.  I write a lot about nature and animals and in my short story writing I quite often draw from what I have observed.

Writing is my joy and my way of expressing myself and hopefully, it may bless others who read some of my work.

On that note, will close for now and wish you, my dear reader, a good night's sleep and a calm and beautiful day filled with love of family and friends.

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