Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday's events

I was not feeling up to par today so stayed close to home.  Around 3 p.m. I went over to the mall just to have somewhere to go.

People watching is one of my most favourite things to do.  Today, there was rain forecasted so I could not go down to Pier 8.

I was lucky, the heavy rain happened when I was in the mall and it was only a few drops by the time I left.

You see the most interesting people in the mall - all shapes, all sizes, all from different ethnic groups.

Hamilton is a very international city.  I like it for that.  Toronto and Montreal also.  In Montreal, there were many Spanish speaking people as French is easier for them to learn.

I have to say that the Spanish speaking people sure know how to have a good time - all you need is two or three people and a little food and everybody has a good time.

I also notice that people from the West Indies enjoy life as well and are more spontaneous in their outlook.  Good for them!

Life is too short to be gloomy and "down".  I try and enjoy the little things of life, a nice cup of herbal tea, a lovely chat with a friend over the phone, going to the waterfront, and hiking at Princess Point.These things do not cost much money at all.  In fact, some of them cost nothing!

In my opinion, good solid friends are so important and should be cherished.  I have friends still from Montreal and Toronto and I am so blessed to have some great friends here as well.  Many from the writing community, some from the two churches, some from Whitehen concerts.  I have one friend I have known for almost 75 years.  She lives in Collingwood, Ontario so we don't see each other very often.

It is my son's and my birthday coming up.  We have a joint birthday which is nice.

The gals are taking me out for lunch to a local hotel here.  It should be nice - I have never been there before.

I think that is all.  I will go back to watching Netflix and their special programme called The Crown.  An excellent picture so far.  It follows the life of the British royality basically.

Isn't it strange that the British royality have German relatives.  That must have been very tricky in World War 2!

Thanks for dropping by.

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