Friday, September 1, 2017

September 1st and |I have no idea where the summer has gone!  It seems to me that it has flown by and thankfully it has not been as beastly hot as it was last year while I was in the hospital.

Lots has happened since my last entry.  My son and I spent our birthday together and had a BBQ at his place which was nice.  Also nice was the fact that my little group brought me flowers plus treated me for lunch at a lovely hotel.

I have been spending plenty of time at the waterfront alone sometimes and other times with friends.
I just love to be near the water!   That will end at the end of Labour Day (Monday night at 9 pm),

This summer I have borrowed tons of books from our wonderful library and because it is now labour day weekend, borrowed more just in case I ran out before they opened again.

Central library is one of my most favourite spots to go to in Hamilton.  I also like the Westdale library as well. It is smaller than Central, but very cozy and you see lots of families enjoying quality time together there.

Central Library also has a special section for children and their parents. In it is a row of fish tanks with all kinds of small fish in it, plus little chairs and tables, blocks, puzzles, computers and a general atmosphere of coziness.  Moving on from the library, our little group was invited to Joanne's family picnic which turned out to be very enjoyable.  Binbrooke Conservation Area is lovely.  It has water running through it, a children's playground, a splash pad and further down I believe there may have been a little store but am not sure of that.

Jeff took Ruby and I in his car, and we all split the entrance fee equally.  It turned very cool while we were there and I was thankful that I brought my jacket.  Ruby was very, very cold - chilled to the bone.  Joanne had bought a tarp so we made use of it to keep warm as well as to make a little tent for the younger members of the family.  They were adoreable!

To me, the highlight of the day was playing with the little ones with the tarp tent!  The giggles made my day!

As usual, Joanne excelled herself with her wonderful cooking.

We all are invited to her place for our annual picnic.  Some of us are getting too old to enjoy a picnic on a bench for a long period of time so we are having it indoors at Joanne's this year.

I saw the surgeon for the gallbladder issue but he said I didn't need an operation for which I am most thankful!  I have had enough medical intervention unless it is an emergency.

I also had a hearing appointment with the Hearing Society and there was no need to change my hearing aids.  The rules have changed, it is now 5 years before the Government will help pay for hearing aids.  It used to be 3.  In Canada the government pays $500 for each individual hearing aid, thus $1,000 which is a good help.  They are really expensive but this helps.

I was without my hearing aids for 21 days when they were sent in for a thorough cleaning.  It was great to hear better when they were returned to me!

A friend of mine invited me to the club for lunch  during this month as well  which was nice. However, she told the server to give individual bills.  This is the second time she has done this to me.  I am wondering if she has become confused.  It does not matter really -  I will prepare myself for this to happen from now on.   She means well.

I had a wonderful visit with Carmen and Wally in the middle of August and I treated them to lunch at Tobys  Restaurant which we all enjoyed.  We had a great visit!

Near the end of the month, I had my regular visit to the Cardiac Outpatient Unit of the Hamilton General and the problem has been regulated and all is well again.

A nice month, watched a lot of roku and Netflix as well and read a few books and did some housework.  Still am in the downsizing stage but having trouble being motivated.

Thanks for dropping  by.

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