Saturday, September 23, 2017

September 22 and onward

On Friday the 22nd our little group went out to Boston Pizza in the east end which was very enjoyable and the food was good.  As usual, we had a good time.  Our next eating adventure will be in Dundas, Ontario in October.

I did not bring my camera.  On the 25th I will see my family doctor and ask for an ex-ray of my lower back.  On the 28th Simon and I are going for tea at the club and in October Ken and I will enjoy the Thanksgiving buffet.

It is beastly hot today  Around 90 degree Farenheit and for the seond day of October, it is unseasonably warm.

Have a great day and hopefully the weather will cool down in a day or so and be more like the fall which I love.

Thanks for dropping by.

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