Friday, July 14, 2017

My apologies

A friend of mine called me last night to make sure I was all right.  She had been checking my blog on a regular basis and had not seen any entries for a while.

I just have been lazy - watching a lot of netflix and reading tons of books.

I use my library religiously and borrow tons of books at a time.

Some things have been happening though which I will mention here.  My daughter and son-in-law came down for Canada Day (July 1st) and we went to Pier 8 for the festivities there.  Too many people for my happiness but the younger generation enjoyed it.  They had put the double length buses on but even they were crowded.  They seemed to run every twenty minutes on Canada Day.

Billy and Anna took a picture of the Tall Ships which I will post here.

The kids went back on the 5:30 bus. We had an early supper as they would be travelling at supper time.

Also, another thing that has happened is that I am back going to Martini Hour again. Henry Strong is now playing on Wednesday nights.

My Whitehern group (only the gals) went on the terrace at the club and we all enjoyed it.  The weather was nice and we had an umbrella over us which helped.  As I was in the hospital for so long last spring, summer and half of September, I missed out on enjoying the terrace.  It is a lovely spot.  I plan to go up there and read when I have the time.

Here is a picture of one of the gals and myself on the 2nd floor of the club.  It is my favourite room in the club as there is lots of natural light there.


Me with my very flexible hat

There were six of us counting myself and it was most enjoyable.

I don't think there is anything else new.  Next week will be a quiet week, but the week after will be busy with a doctor's appointment and a luncheon invitation.

I still am not doing any creative writing alas, but I will share a poem I wrote for a group from my home town.  Hope you will enjoy it.  I got 75 compliments on it when I originally posted it to the group.  It was written for a time over 50 years ago when life was much more simple and my home town was smaller.

Seasons of my Life

My feet crunch on icy snow
white clouds, grey underbelly
hover over my bowed head  
ready to dump more white stuff

Sun sinks on horizon
ice and snow shimmer
footsteps etched on lake
naked trees shiver in wind

Utter silence as I walk
beside Lac St. Louis
fond thoughts of times gone by

I’m “home” for a visit
to touch base with my roots
deep in Lachine soil

Black ice underfoot, I slip  
why did I come in winter
temperatures twenty below
a need for boots, overcoat  
scarf and warm mittens?  
Shivering, I walk fast
anxious to get to my cousin’s
place - a haven for me
a return to “home”

We sip hot chocolate
my glasses steam up
we reminisce of 50 years ago

Back yard gardens
vegetables & flowers
my favourite spot
the wooden playhouse
which overlooks the lane

New life in Spring
feathery leaves burst out
on gray tree trunks
crocuses & daffodils
lily of the valley thrive.

Neighbours venture outside
call greetings and stop to chat
streets and sidewalks alive
with kids playing games
rugby, marbles, hop scotch
skipping and Mother-Mother, May I?

Streetlights come on, time is up
hands grip bike handles
strong legs pump - head home

Shad flies, mass together  
mesmerized by light poles
fall victim to man’s wheels
crunch underfoot as I walk

Stench overpowers nose
they lie thick on ground
impossible not to step on them
I shudder as I hear them pop

Through the lane I race
as the train from Montreal arrives
familiar smells at Lachine Station
I’m glad to see my Dad

Summer in Lachine, lazy days
school over - freedom!
summer cottage in Ile Perrot
swimming twice a day
hair washing in the lake
ivory soap floats away  

Row boat takes me far
oars dipping into the coolness
of the lake, solitude I desire
to think and to pray

Inner tube on gentle waves
lulls me, refreshes me
peace reigns on this sunny day

All too soon, September here
school days begin again
easy living of summer gone

It’s Halloween, how exciting!
I don my cherished outfit
trick or treat with friends
bob for apples or sing a song
in the hope of getting a treat
Scene after scene comes
as we walk together down memory lane
tramping through deep snow to the Pier
to pick out a Christmas tree.
decorated tree sparkles with tinsel
photos taken of starry-eyed children
wrapped gifts sit mysteriously
waiting for Christmas day.

Our hot chocolate finished
we call it a day, climb the stairs
bid each other a good night
to dream, perhaps, of times gone by.

Copyright(c)WilmaSeville 2015

Performed at Carnegie Gallery - 2015
Performed at Caroline Retirement Residence November 2015

Originally written for Lachine, Then & Now - website 2015

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor, nature and water
A very small part of Lac St.Louis in Lachine, P.Q.

Thank you very much for dropping by. Tthe picture above was taken by Luc Simard.  He is a wonderful photographer.

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