Saturday, December 9, 2017

December seems to be getting very busy.

My friend Jeff's concert was at 11 o'clock on the 3rd of December and Mohamed and I went to hear him and the other singers.  It was very nice.

On the 5th of December, it was our Lutheran Women's regular meeting but with a Christmas theme.  I  was requested to read a poem.  Every member was asked to bring a pair of socks for MacSoc which is a programme run out of St. John's for people in need as well as with physical and mental disabilities.  It has been running for many,many years. Student Nurses are part of the programme as well which is a good experience for them.

On the 8th of December it was our Bibles and Bagels potluck which was held in Hanna's building.  It was just lovely.  Unfortunately I forgot my carmen so there are no pictures at all.

It was a potluck and there was a wide variety of main courses dishes as well as some very yummy desserts.  German baking is wonderful!

Pastor Dani picked me up and also brought me home, which I appreciated. I was going to try and book DARTS but happily for me, she invited me to go with her.

We are such a lovely group and I have known most of them for 14 years ever since I arrived here from Toronto.  I was so fortunate to find them.

I had a little health problem in the late morning and was not sure if I could make it, but I took some meds from the pharmacy and it seemed to work.  Jennifer picked both Jennifer T and I up and drove us out to Stoney Creek which is at least half an hour from downtown.  It is lovely out there but too far if you take the buses.

It was again a potluck  which is always nice.  There was a fair turnout but not everybody was able to come.  I did remember my camera, thanks to my friend Jennifer, who reminded me, so I will post a couple of group pictures here.

As I said, it was not the whole group who was able to come but a fair number of people came out and enjoyed  food, fellowship and the reading of Christmas poetry.

AsI have not been able to write any creative things for the last almost two years I did not bring anything to read.

Some people read from other people's work.

We stayed until about 5 p.m. and then  we made our way home  - thanks to Jennifer F.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope that you will all have a pleasant day and if it is night time when you read this, a good night's sleep!

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