Friday, July 22, 2011

My exciting new venture

I really believe in writers helping writers and this is why I have started the writing and publishing  blog. I am gradually inviting writers I know to contribute their work to the new site. 

I already have one lady very interested in contributing some of her work on this site.  It should be very interesting.

My vision for this new site is to give voice to unknown as well as known writers.  I welcome rhyming poetry (even if it is out of fashion now), narrative poetry and other forms of poetry. Short stories should be no more than 2,500 words.

I particularly welcome religious poetry and poetry that deals with human rights, human issues and all aspects of human nature. As an animal lover, I would be delighted to welcome poetry about animals.

I DO NOT WELCOME profanity, vulgarity or anything offensive towards other human beings.

I hope it will bring pleasure to the reader as well as the writer and that there will be articles on things which will benefit human kind and fight ignorance.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a great day!

The new website address is:

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