Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arts Hamilton Literature Awards

Helen Kelly (right) - winner of the Short Story Article Non Fiction category. Her story is called "The Secret Life of Fairly Tale Characters."

Lawrence Hill, winner of the Non-fiction Book category. His book is called "The Deserter's Tale": the story of an ordinary soldier who walked away from the war in Iraq.

Jean Rae Baxter - winner of Young Adult Book category. Her book is called "The Way Lies North."

Joanna Lawson, winner of Poetry Book category. Her book is called "A Bundle Of Life."

Jeff Seffinga - winner of Individual poem category. His poem is called "Sandburg's Fog."

A small section of the delicious food to snack on. Provided by Mr. Ron Inc.

On Wednesday, November 26, 2008, Arts Hamilton and Mr. Ron Inc. presented the 16th Annual HAMILTON LITERATURE AWARDS. This year it was held at the Scottish Rite Club, a beautiful venue with historic significance.

Special thanks was given to the Arts Hamilton Literary Arts Program Committee which consists of Mary Anderson, Jean Rae Baxter, George Down, Susan Evans Shaw, Bill Manson, Wilma Seville, Maureen Whyte and Martha Jette.

The reception sponsor was MR. RON INC. who has graciously sponsored it in the past. Sponsors of the awards were also Hamilton Heritage Arts Inc, Seraphim Edition and Bryan Prince Bookseller.

An Artwalk video was shown to the audience of Rochester, New York's art walk. The King William Art walk will be designed "with the idea to foster, create and maintain through partnerships a designated urban art trail by connecting arts and cultural activity centres in the downtown core. The trail will create an animated pedestrian environment which will encourage increased exposure to a variety of artistic and cultural experiences. In addition, it will contribute to economic renewal through increased tourism and investment." The vision of this walk is "Art can be everywhere in urban environments, not just in concert halls, theatres, galleries and museums but literally, right on the street." A noble aspiration, to be sure.
The Awards program began with greetings from Susan Evans Shaw, the Co-chair, Literary Arts Program Commitee. Mr. Kevin Land, President of Arts Hamilton introduced Jane Allison, Manager Community Parnerships The Hamilton Spectator who was the Awards Program Emcee.
Among the presenters for the various awards were:
Jane Allison - Hamilton Spectator
Sophia Aggelonitis office - M.P.P. - Hamilton Mountain
Judy Santi-DeRubeis - Principal - Ste. Augustine Catholic Elementary School
Diane Eisenberger- City of Hamilton
Warwick Jones - Coppley Apparel Group
Carolyn Milne- Hamilton Community Foundation
and Debbie Rundle- Principal, Hamilton Central Public School
The evening, in spite of the inclement weather, was a success and authors, poets and friends of the Arts Community in Hamilton will look forward to next year's event with anticipation.


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