Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lunch with my friend Jennifer at the Hamilton Club

We had a wonderful time together this afternoon.  Friends are such blessings and should be cherished.

Due to my affliction of not being able to walk at the moment (baby steps only) and with a lot of pain, it was a challenge to cross Main Street.  I was so grateful that Jennifer was with me.

Somehow we made it although it was nerve racking and we entered with my pass card at the side door.  I found it somewhat difficult even to get there but stubborn as I am, I would not give up.

The girls (staff members) say to call them if I need a hand and one of them will come over and bring me back and forth safely.  What fantastic gals they are! I usually go myself without any difficulty but since this problem with my hip, it is risky to walk.  Even I think I will need to use my walker at home for  awhile.

We had such a lovely and happy time together.  Our meals were delicious as usual and more than adequate to say the least.

After lunch we went into the lounge just to chat.  Jennifer made sure I got home all right and I was so grateful to her as this is a little bit of a difficult time for me.

Here are some pictures from today.



A nice picture of both of us at the Club

Two good friends together

A head shot taken by Jennifer

I am so blessed with such good friends as Jennifer.  Tomorrow they are celebrating my birthday at Whitehern so I will take some more pictures.

I love living in Hamilton where people are down to earth, sensible and are friendly.

One of the best decisions I ever made was moving to Hamilton at the request of my son.

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