Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jen's Art Exhibition - Volunteer Hamilton 2012

After attending the members complimentary luncheon at the club, I went to see Jen's Art Exhibition which was held at the Volunteer Bureau.

Jen had a very lovely display, nicely framed of her photos.  I only took one shot of the one I liked best.

I was glad to see that several people dropped in.  Jen had a young musician playing and also had a lovely snack table.

I was glad that I went as Jen was so pleased that I came.  I stayed till around 3:30 and then hopped on the bus to go home.

Here are some shots.

Jen is the lady in the middle wearing a tourquoise shirt.

The lovely snack table which Jen arranged for

This was on poverty.  I particularly liked that one.
She did a very good job of arranging everything.  I believe her exhibition of photography will be up for another week or so.  Drop by if you have a chance.

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